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Pumpkins are taking over.....

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    Pumpkins are taking over.....

    the vines and leaves that is!! I only planted about a 1/4 of the pack and they are taking over my garden! I should take a pic and you can see. They are now covering my carrots and forget my peas. Good thing I picked them last wk. My green beans never grew, I think they were eaten or smothered by the pumpkins. How long after they flower will it take for the pumpkin to stat to form and grow??

    Happy growing all.

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    LOL! I didn't plant any, but I'm thinking that is what's creeping through the fence from my neighbor's yard LOL! There are big vines with curly things and big flowers and a couple of bulbous looking growths. They are some kind of squash and I'm hoping pumpkins! We just might score 2 freebies for Halloween LOL!

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    You can trim the vines if you want to contain where it goes. I'm not sure how long it'll take to get them mature, probably depends on what kind they are. Did you save your seed package, by chance? Or know what type they are - you can probably look it up online if you do.

    I do know that once they form you should put a board underneath them to keep them off the wet ground (since they use so much water) and to keep them from rotting. Learned that the hard way and someone told me about it later. You harvest them once they are the size and color you want and are hard - not easy to poke your fingernail in them. You want them to sound like a ripe watermelon when you thump them. They won't keep changing their color after you pick them, so if you pick them light orange, they are going to stay light orange.

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