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MORE tree chopping.... UUGH!!!

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    MORE tree chopping.... UUGH!!!

    This unamed tree in the back yard we need to have cut down. It had termite channels in part of the bark and 2-3 splits... perhaps where 2-3 limbs had grown together. It's just clogging the gutter with leaves and doesn't provide much shade as it is so close to the house and its leaves clog the pool filter, but mainly the termites.

    Then we are having a small cherry laurel tree dug out because it's in the middle of the yard and will be in the way of the new zip cord swing for DS. It is a berry tree so it's not a big deal in the grass but you would NEVER want to plant this in a driveway or near cars because the robins eat the berries and go blue bird poop-LOL!

    Then we have some more cherry laurel trees on our neighbor's side but leaning over our shed and pool so we will chop what is on our property. Also a big cypress tree on our neighbors side that we will chop branches on our property. This tree dropped EVERY leaf it had into our pool recently. What a pain to rake it all up!!!

    And the BIGGEST chopping job of all will be the golden rain trees that are humongous and breaking up the cement in our alleyway and the roots are under the cement pads of our ac units. Their leaves are cloggin our gutter and the neighbor's gutter... she is about 6 feet apart from us so she is very close. One branch is on her roof and has dented it but she has no leaks. Pray that the removal of these trees doesn't do any damage to her roof.

    Good thing that is even with all the tree removals our neighbors have nice trees that shade our yard and we have a white bird of paradise tree, bamboo, and tropical stuff that give shade and privacy!!!
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    I loved reading your post about all your trees. My brother's house (Florida) has some lovely shade trees and tropical plants, so I'm kind of imagining what you must have. I'm envious that you have all those big plants! I hope the trimming and removal go well.
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    Good luck with the removal. What ever happened to you talking to the people about the tree dropping limbs in the pool?

    I like tropical stuff, but I just like bamboo to look at! LOL. That stuff gets territorial fast!
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