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I wanted to share my "deals" with you...

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    I wanted to share my "deals" with you...

    I love planting things. Especially in the fall.

    Last week I got about $20 dollars worth of a blue salvia perennial in pretty large pots, for $.25 a piece. Think about 80 plants. I was so psyched.

    So I went to another Lowes and got three althea's for half price, an oak leaf hydrangea for half price and a potentilla? for half price. I also got a bunch of hostas. The hostas were normally almost $5 per gallon, but I got them off the half price table for $2.48. Then I went back the next day and saw the listed price as $2.48. Sure enough, I didn't get the first ones at half off. So we corrected the mistake. So far, I've bought 22 gallon plants for $1.24 each. One this morning I splt up into six plants.

    I bought another four plants that I'd never heard of before. I don't have the name in front of me but it means African Lily. I'm probably as far north as it will survivie. I looked it up on the internet. Next year I will have these huge ball shapes of multiple flowers on very tall stems. They are breathtaking. As high as small children. So cool.

    Two weeks ago, I bought out some very irredescent pink tick seed or coreopsis. Likes arid conditions. Very much part of my yard. I also bought some small yellow coreopsis and some little bit larger flower just called tick seed. I think they're all from the same family. I bought butterfly flowers. I forgot the name, but they look like little butterflies on tall stems. And I bought tons of Bee Balm. All of this stuff for cheap cheap end of the year get rid of the perennials prices.

    I just LOVE digging in the dirt.

    Today I went out for awhile to get some more of these hostas in and the first hole I dug had a small snake in it. I don't know if it was sleepy or injured. It kind of kept trying to curl back up and raised its head really sleepy like. I just covered it back up and moved over.

    I can't wait for spring. There I said it. This winter is going to be hard on me mentally I think.

    Emilie and Joseph 5/7/02

    Diagnosed with MS, April 2004

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    Wow! You got great deals! I want to go shopping with you!

    Winter has just started and I'm already yearning for Spring, too.
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    Wow! I think I need to go see if Home Depot and the local nursery have any deals like that. Now here is the real question--have you PLANTED ALL THOSE PLANTS??? That is the hard part! Any pictures of the spot you will/have planted?
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