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Are you good with words? Need help writing to neighbors Re: fence

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    Are you good with words? Need help writing to neighbors Re: fence

    We share the backyard fence with 3 neighbors. There was a windstorm last month that knocked down a portion of it with one neighbor and our dogs are getting out. The fence is a "community" fence, meaning one panel is facing them and the next panel is facing us, then them, then us, etc..... Technically they are responsible for replacing the sections that are facing them.
    With this new fence we need put up my husband wants me to write a note to each neighbor asking if they can help pay the expense of a new fence. We already got an estimate and I'll include that as well. I'm really apprehensive about this because I just know one or two of the neighbors will maybe fight it or just not pay at all in which we'll have to fork out all $5000, unless they help pitch in.

    Can you help me word a note right so there's no animosity between our neighbors to us?

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    Have you considered having a face-to-face conversation with the neighbors first? If they get only a letter, they may be offended by an impersonal method of communication. Rather, I'd suggest going to their homes and having a conversation with them. Keep smiling, nod your head when you discuss the part about the cost. Offer to give them a copy of an invoice with each neighbor's costs itemized for their homeowner's insurance. Having a personal conversation may make both you and them a little uncomfortable, but it is so much harder to ignore someone once you've looked them in the eye. My 2 cents. Good luck!

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    Also, have you thought about doing it yourself? It would be much, much cheaper that way and the neighbors might be more inclined to pitch in with materials and labor rather than the high cost of having it done (at least for me $5000 sounds like a lot). Of course I don't know your neighbors/neighborhood, but that is the way it is usually done in my area.
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    If it's a wood fence like Western Red Cedar #1 boards it might be expensive! You can buy lesser grade wood boards at home Depot and if you have a nail gun it takes NO TIME at all!!! If they don't want to pay, then give them the "bad" side of the fence! But first I'd talk to them. Is there a neighborhood association to back you up with by laws? Or is this just a commone fence that's been there a while?
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