Hey guys-

Long story short- my husband and I have been considered infertile for 5 years without help. It's due to male factor. We have one boy through iui and have been trying for number 2. After 3 failed iuis we were taking a break and spontaneously got pregnant. Went in for our 7 week ultrasound and we are measuring small at 5w6d. The heartbeat was 86. I go back next week for another ultrasound but I'm not sure what to think? Has this happened to anyone else or is it a sign that a miscarriage is on the way. I've had no spotting or cramping. I had really bad morning sickness but it feels like it might be going away today- or I'm reading into to things too much. It's just such an emotional rollercoaster- one minute I think everything's fine and the next minute- I think it's all over.