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POF at 29 - What now?

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    POF at 29 - What now?

    I posted this on another website, but I thought we may have more help on this site as it is more specific to fertitlity.

    My wife at 29 has recently been diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure.
    After the diagnosis, our option seems to be, counselling and donor eggs.
    The Dr said there is basically no chance.
    Her ovaries are about 1/2 the normal size FSH is 68, Estrogen is 3.

    Reading up online, there have been trials overseas with a few different types of ovary treatments and one using the drug DHEA which have had some success even though most were only small groups.

    Has anyone been through this before?

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Australia that specialises in POF?
    Has anyone ever gone through with a trial or gone overseas for any treatments?
    Or since this is a world wide site, does anyone have any recomendations of places to contact anywhere in the world?

    I am posting because she is too drained and wants me to look into any possibilities before giving her false hope.

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    Hi POFHusband,
    First of all thank you for taking the time and initiative to ask for help for your wife and ultimately for your family.

    Unfortunately, I have DOR/POF as well. Long story short I was given the donor egg speech too. A year later after the diagnosis I was pregnant with MY eggs!! Now sadly it was a chemical, but I was told I had no chance with my own eggs. Believe me there is a chance!! Too many women have babies of their own after this diagnosis.

    Please have your wife look into natural ways to become pregnant. There are many natural supplements and herbs and websites that will help her rebalance her hormones.

    Praying we both get our take home baby!! Best of luck to both of you!❤

    Me: 38--DOR
    DH: 35--Healthy

    4/15--Clomid 50 mg
    5/15--Clomid 50-100 mg*not monitored*
    6/15--Dx w/DOR
    11/15--IVF#1 Estradol Protocol- cancelled
    12/15--met with RE, then 2 more; 2nd RE--Natural IVF.
    1/16--no cycle.
    3/16 Cycle returned 1st of the month. At the end a cycle (or something) started.
    4/16 IVF turned into IUI--BFN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulip1834 View Post
    Hi POFHusband,

    Now sadly it was a chemical, but I was told I had no chance with my own eggs. Believe me there is a chance!! Too many women have babies of their own after this diagnosis.
    Thank you for your reply. Are you saying your's was caused by a chemical or fixed by it?
    Do you have any tips on what you did to help?

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    Hi pofhusband,

    A chemical pregnancy is considered a very early miscarriage. It's where you have a a positive blood/urine test, but the pregnancy is lost before it's confirmed via ultrasound.

    For POF, some report success from using DHEA. I don't have personal experience, so I can't make any formal recommendations. If it's possible, you may want to consider getting a second option. For some (at least in the US, I'm not sure how coverage works in Australia), it can be more cost effective to go straight to donor eggs. When the odds of success are low, and the cost is $11,000-$15,000, some choose to go straight to donor eggs.

    If you have good coverage, it might be worth trying a cycle or two to see how your wife responds to medications and if they're able to retrieve eggs.

    Something else that might help your wife is to look into the epigenetics of pregnancy. The donor egg is just the DNA to start creating the baby, so while she would not be the genetic mother of your children, she would be the biological mother. The baby takes its building blocks from your wife's body, which can influence things like hair and eye color, among other aspects. Your clinic may be able to connect you with families who have used donor tissue to start and/or grow their family who will be bale to walk you through the process.

    I'm wishing you both the best of luck.


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