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heparin/lovenox success stories?

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    heparin/lovenox success stories?

    Hello. I have just experienced my 4th miscarriage (all before 7 weeks) in the past 9 months. I had three miscarriages in 2006, before conceiving my daughter, who is now 18 months old. I also have three much older children (17, 13 and 11) with whom I had totally uncomplicated pregnancies.

    After the first three early miscarriages in 2006, I was diagnosed as
    compound heterozygous for the MTHFR genetic mutations C677T and
    A1298C. I also carry the PAI (-675) 4g/5g genotype. I am at a normal
    weight and am in good health. My husband and I have been checked for chromosomal anomalies, and we are both fine.

    After the MTHFR/PAI diagnosis, I was put on Metanx and baby aspirin. I have been taking these, plus prenatals, fish oil and extra B vitamins during all my subsequent pregnancies - the one successful one plus all the ones I lost.

    My husband and I plan to give this one more try, and now I have finally convinced my perinatologist to prescribe a blood thinner - heparin or lovenox - that I will start injecting as soon as the pregnancy test comes back positive. I am SO hopeful that this will be the thing that helps me finally carry a pregnancy past 7 weeks, and go on to have a healthy baby.

    So I am hoping to hear some stories from other women with a history of multiple miscarriages who have gone on to have a successful pregnancy with heparin or lovenox. If this is you, please share!

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    Hello! I don't have a positive about myself, but I have a friend who had 5 m/c and just delivered a beautiful baby boy in July. She was diagnosed by an OB when she was about 6 weeks pregnant, started Lovenox and then had her sweet boy. I have lost two and have been diagnosed with the same as you, as well as Antithrombin 3 deficiency and Protein S deficiency. I also have high FSH, so getting pregnant is complicated for me. I pray that I can get pregnant, and then I will begin Lovenox injections. I hope I have a personal success story to tell soon. I hope you do too! Good luck!

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