Hello everyone! I'm Lisa and have been diagnosed homo-C MTHFR (is that the code we use?) as of this past Thursday. DH and I have been ttc 4years. We had the first m/c 4/06 and the second 11/6/08. This was when we had the doc pull blood for autoimmune and clotting disorder testing. We got those results last thursday. The doc had never gotten positive results for the gene mutation I told him I wanted to be unique. Now, I'm so unique that the only thing he knew to do was to have the homocysteine levels drawn and write a script for 4mg of Folic Acid. He wants me to head back to the RE that we had seen recently.

I don't believe that we have a doc in the area that is an RI. I will have to grill the RE we were working with to see how much he knows and is willing to do to make our next pg successful.

So, I'm not sure what to even ask or wonder about. I've been scanning through the posts here and collecting info. But feel free to offer any info!!