so glad to have found these posts! if anyone could give me some advice/info, it would be much appreciated!

i'm going to be 35 next month and my husband is going to be 43. i've had three miscarriages all at 6 weeks or less, after which it was found i have one copy of the prothrombin gene mutation (G20210a). was told that i should do baby aspirin daily with prenatal and when pregnant, start lovenox 40 mg. have been on the aspirin since october - found out i was pregnant again in january (after what seemed to be a semi-regular period) and then a week later realized breasts still tender and then started positive result on pregnancy test. immediately started lovenox, but it seems my hCGs never got much above 300, but kept going up, down, up, down....they gave me methotrexate even after never seeing an embryo anywhere on u/s. since then, i have been trying unsuccesfully to conceive again (after being successful conceiving every other time prior to this, just couldn't keep 'em). started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist - my HSG was fine, tubes open, everything normal except for left ovarian cyst and a very small fibroid up near the top that RE is not concerned about. she basically said just keep trying and relax. her office just called a week or so ago after they noticed there were some tests not performed on me, one of which was the MTHFR. just got test back today and it ends up i have one copy of the MTHFR A1298C mutation. everything i've seen so far about the A1298c seems to say that being heterozygous for that alone is insignificant....but maybe in conjunction with my prothrombin mutation...??? i've also been concerned that perhaps i'm not making enough progesterone as i've never made it that far in a pregnancy and now that i can't seem to get pregnant cycles have been like clockwork my whole life 28 days....but they seem to be getting shorter...27 days...26 RE doesn't give much credence to progesterone levels outside of pregnancy, but i'm thinking i should be taking supplemental prog after ovulation. wow, what a rambling noncoherent post. my apologies. i thought for sure i was pregnant this time with breasts so insanely tender i couldn't lie on my stomach, but that stopped last night and this morning got my period on day 26. i've finally calmed down my hysteria, but if anyone can make any sense of this and has any advice or similar circumstances, please respond! i'm almost ready to give up will probably be days before i hear anything from the RE's office about the significance of this new test result (if any) and i can't wait any longer!!!!