Hi everyone,
I'm new to this board and am hoping you can help me...

My 3 year old son (who has autism) is scheduled for a biopsy this coming Tuesday to diagnose/rule out celiac. Here's my problem, due to a regression he experienced last year after his adenoid surgery, and vigorous researching on my own, I came across the MTHFR info (had never heard of it!) and ordered a test kit on my own paid out of pocket to have him tested, since we're facing another appt with anesthesia. (I that kids with autism have a high rate of this mutation, and have problems with nitrous oxide)

Anyway, we just got his results back, and he is homozygous for the C677T mutation. I have left messages with his anesthesia team, and basically was told they would talk to me Tuesday morning before the procedure...?!?

Can anyone help me understand what specifically being homozygous for the C mutation mean? Also, is there anything I can do this quickly to prepare him in case they don't want to do an alternate anesthesia? Are they usually very accomodating in this regard? I'm so worried about having a setback...

Thanks in advance,