Hello all!
I am brand new here and I have been reading through some of the posts for the last few days. I am so glad to have found such a wealth of knowledge and people who are in the same boat as I am.

A little background....(sorry this is going to be a bit long)
I am a brand new (first time) Mom at 39 years old. DH and I got pregnant very easily last year, we werent even trying actually but we were pleasantly surprised since I was a bit worried about our 'advanced age'. I dont feel old, but so many things I had read said that we might have problems conceiving so it was a relief when less than a year after we were married we found ourselves expecting!

Pregnancy went fine, we were planning for a homebirth with a midwife. I never got very big but I didnt worry too much about it, because I am fairly petite at 5' 2" and I was actually glad that I didnt get too big because I was afraid to have a really big baby since my husband is over 200 lbs and 6' 2". All my checkups with my midwife were normal and everything was going swell until I checked in with a Dr at 32 weeks (legally our midwife has to have a Dr look me over to give us the OK to deliver at home). The Dr was concerned about the baby's size and asked me to come back in 2 weeks. *Note- this was only the second ultrasound I'd had since finding out I was pregnant because I was wary of having unnecessary ultrasounds, so up to this point I had never seen the size of my baby and we had nothing to compare her current size against* Two weeks later, he was still not happy with the baby's size (she had grown a little, but not much and was now markedly small for her gestational age). So he asked me to come back for weekly stress tests and said he would also probably want me to do a Doppler Ultrasound at some point to check the blood flow through the umbilical cord.

The next appt went fine, baby's heartrate was good, they scheduled me for another appt the following week with the Doppler this time. When I went in for that appt, the Doppler scan showed there was no diastolic flow to the baby. Basically, they could only see blood flowing one way, not two ways between the baby and me through the cord, as it is supposed to. They then put me on the stress test monitor and saw that the baby's heartrate was falling very low. Immediately they said, "We have to deliver this baby right now!" So my husband and I (luckily he had come to this appt with me) drove ourselves over to the hospital which was only about 5 minutes away, where our midwife met up with us (we had called her to let her know what was going on) and I literally pulled into the parking structure, gave my husband my keys and was led into the operating room where they were waiting with a gown. My Dr was right behind us in his car and he showed up in the operating room about 10 minutes later right as my spinal tap was being put in. I was crying and scared and I didnt know where my husband was (he was parking both of our cars in the parking structure) and I just kept praying that the baby would be alright. My husband showed up and they let him in after scrubbing in and putting on a gown. The Dr did the c-section on me immediately and my husband talked me through the whole thing, he was such a godsend.

Moxie was born at 3lbs 11oz, and she had a rough birth. Evidently she was very rigid (maybe having a seizure) and not breathing with no discernible heartbeat. I never heard her cry and I never even got to see her cuz they took her immediately to the NICU where they started working on her. As they sewed me up, I got the most amazing headache. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the temple with an icepick! I told me husband and my midwife that it was really bad. The nurses told me it was probably due to the spinal tap and that it would subside. They put something into the IV in my arm and gradually the pain got a little better.

In the recovery room I still had a headache but it was not unbearable. At one point the nurse who was watching over me came to my bedside and started messing with the blood pressure cuff. I asked her if there was a problem and she said "well I just want to re-set it and make sure it's on right because the last reading it gave looked like you were about to have a stroke!" She said it was probably just that the cuff was not functioning properly and then she took another reading and she said it looked much better.

Anyways, we spent the following month in the NICU watching over Moxie and one of the things the Drs did was take lots of blood from me to determine why she was so small and why the blood flow was so restricted. Turned out I had a small placenta (about 2/3 normal size) which was almost 80% clotted! And test results revealed that I was positive for MTHFR (heterozygous). Of course we were relieved to have found out the reason for the problems and then all of the blood pressure and headache stuff immediately after her birth started to make sense. My midwife told me about gestational strokes and said that it's possible that if I had tried to have Moxie at home, neither one of us would have survived. After learning all of this, we are SO thankful that she has pulled through so well considering we had absolutely no idea what was going on with the placenta and how little blood she was getting. She came home after 33 days and she's small but doing great! No long term problems. Looking back and reading about how much trouble he was having, it's truly a miracle that she made it!!

So now that we're home and I'm able to take some time and start thinking about what MTHFR means for me, I have lots of questions. I mean what precautions do I need to start taking for my own health? (Moxie was tested and she does not have it) And what does this mean when we decide to try for another baby? Am I correct in assuming the MTHFR was responsible for the clotting or are there other possible causes that we need to watch for?

I finally have an appt with a hematologist this coming Friday and I am taking my blood test results with me to show him. He said he would probably take his own series of blood tests himself. Is there anything you can suggest I discuss with him at this point? Should I ask to be referred to an RI? I've read on these boards that I should probably be on Folgard and Baby Aspirin, but since I'm still breastfeeding I worry about taking Baby Aspirin because of the links to Reye's Syndrome. I currently take a mega B complex and my prenatals but I'm not actually taking anything that is specifically prescribed for my MTHFR. Should I ask him to prescribe Folgard or Folapro?

My OB didnt seem to think anything was necessary until I get pregnant again and at that time he said he would probably prescribe the self-injectable Heparin (Lovenox?).

So basically, I am just trying to get some advice from all of you on how to proceed with taking care of myself and preparing for my next pregnancy.

I appreciate your time (if you've read through this entire posting, you've already spent alot of time getting to know me) and any suggestions you have for me.

Thanks so much for your help!