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New MTHFR diagnosis and the confusion that follow

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    New MTHFR diagnosis and the confusion that follow

    After two early miscarriages we decided to get tested for genetic abnormalities and I've just found out I am homozygous MTHFR A1298C. My Protein S activity also came back "Low". I got the call from my RE's nurse, and really don't know what to do with the information. Specifically, I have 5 questions:
    -Did anyone see a genetic counselor after getting such a diagnosis so she could understand the total ramifications of the mutation?
    -I see mention on the threads of some ladies going to hematologists. Is that recommended for the management of this homo MTHFR A1298C in general, or is that related to TTC?
    -When I asked the nurse about when i would start Lovenox since I am still doing follistim+IUI, she said after a positive pregnancy test, but wouldn't the clotting happen even before then? Is baby aspirin + folgard enough to stop clotting before then.
    -How long did any of you take Folgard+baby aspirin to get your folic acid levels up before TTC again?
    -The tests also indicated low Protein S activity--has anyone else had that diagnosis?

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    Similar results

    I got similar results back after 2nd m/c. Low protein S and Homo A1298C. I am going to RE tomorrow and have a lot of questions, too. I posted a new thread with some more specifics to my diagnosis today, and will let you know what I find out. So far, I have heard that I need Lovenox , baby aspirin, Folgard and steroids. The steroids are for my positive ANA.

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