Hi ladies,
I have been reading the threads and trying to make some sense of what testing positive for heterozygous MTHFR C677T is and heterozygous PAl-1 means. I am still waiting for the rest of my results to come back from the immune testing and then I will go over with a doctor. Basically I had to bypass my RE because there wasn't anything else she felt I needed testing for. In the meantime, I suffered a m/c in July and have had 4 failed IUI cycles. Something just wasn't adding up and I didn't want to put anymore meds in my body until I had some answers. Could this be part of the reason I'm having issues? I read you should be on extra folic acid and presciption folgard??? Does this apply to the heterozygous or only homozygous? I understand the heterozygous is not as serious as the homozygous BUT what does this mean? I'm on break from ttc right now while compiling all my data. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks.