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YOu guys are GREAT!!  Update here....

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    YOu guys are GREAT!! Update here....

    You guys are so wonderful!!! I read all of the posts you left for me, and it really did bring a tear to my eye knowing that there are other women, complete total strangers out there, who really really care and want to help! It is just incredible how much support I feel from a bunch of women I have never even met, but yet, I feel a love for all of you! (Ok maybe my hormones are going crazy and I am having a weak moment..LOL) but really, thank you to all of you who gave me your heart felt opinions/ experiences and advice, I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! ((((((group hugs))))))

    Anyways, ok went to the genetics counselor today. She was GREAT! I had a list (I mean a list) of questions to ask, and I let her explain everything she wanted, and by the time she was done, and asked me if I had any questions, I didn't have one, because she had answered them all in her speel/explanations. After explaining everything to me, it really put things in perspective for me. She kept asking me, "What would be more devastating to you.....if you were to miscarry/lose this baby right now, or if you went on to deliver only to find out at the end your baby had downs?" Well geez, uhh that's pretty fricken tough, and I didn't quite understand where she was going with that, or why she was even asking me such a question, and after alot of thought, I answered, "I think losing the baby would be more difficult for me" and she responded, 'then don't have the amnio!" hmmmm!!
    Then she would ask me, "If you found out the baby did have downs, would you terminate or go on to have it?" hmmmmmm another one I couldn't answer...but...the selfish part of me would think to terminate, but I don't think my gut or conscience would let me because I don't think I could live with myself if I did terminate, Might be different if I were 4-6 weeks along, but being 17 weeks, this far in, I dunno.....so I think I just answered the question? Anyways, I asked when could I get in for the amnio, she said tomorrow morning at 7 a.m, I told her to book it!
    I wasn't even to my car when I called her on my cell and said, "I changed my mind, forget it I am just gonna hope for the best and enjoy my pregnancy without doing anything to jeopardise it, I am going to leave well enough alone". She laughed and said she was going to keep the app't booked, and to think about it for the night and call her in the morning if I reached a decision. I must of changed my mind 10x by now....

    She then said, the only reason your torn in all of this is because your so anxious (of course) see if in a couple of days your anxiety diminishes and you become confident with your decision, if not and you are still ansty and anxious about it all, we'll book the amnio for NEXT Tuesday. So bottom line is, I called and cancelled it and dh and I are comfortable with that decision and are just going to go for the level II u/s on the 16th of this month.
    She also explained to me that all of the sets of numbers in the screening (Except for the nuchal measurement WERE IN FACT within the normal limits and they wouldnt even of bothered me with any of this or contacting me, but the nuchal number was a little high (2.6mm) She said with Downs baby's there is usually a pattern in all the numbers, but my pattern isn't following the downs pattern, it was only because of that **** nuchal translucency number, which from doing my research isn't even that high. THey don't normally bother you in the UK/US unless your number is like 3.5 and up. (I am in Canada). So my odds are 1 out of 190, no it isn't the best you can have, I would rather have 1 out of 10,000 but I still think that is a really good chance or baby being alright. I pray and hope I am right and I am leaving this all in God's hands. What will be, will be! I just hope I don't live with regret.

    Sorry this is so long, but I don't know how to explain things in short...so thanks for bearing with me guys..Tell me I made the right decision. I know it is ultimately MY decision, but I was hoping someone would TELL me what to do. Didn't happen, so I am going to have to live with the decision I made either way. I feel good about it though in my HEART!

    Love you guys, and I will let you know what happens...For now, I am just going to chill with my doppler and enjoy this pregnancy!

    Love Your Friend
    Keshia (17w3d)

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    I think you are right on track Keisha!!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!

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