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weekly updates 7/17

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    weekly updates 7/17

    hello ladies,
    how are we all doing this week?? please post any cycle updates or general updates you have here.

    my general update is that i am up to my eyeballs studying for tyhe mcat next month. i wish i did not have to take the darn thing again but oh well suych is life.

    loking forward to hearing from you all!
    me and my three:
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    Good luck with that!!

    DH and I have ttc three times (one natural, one unmedicated IUI, one IVF fresh cycle) throughout the past year, all carefully planned and treated with immune meds under the guidance of Dr. Beer http://www.repro-med.net. Three BFN's, which was surprising after the chem pg (7/05) that caused us to test for and learn about about my immune issues! A few months ago, we discovered the world of Dr. Toth http://www.fertilitysolution.com and flew to NYC for testing. DH turned up with some dangerous pathogens, and we've both been treated! These bugs can explain our IF, my immune symptoms, and our three failures ttc with immune meds. We feel better than we have in years. thanks to our treatment with antibiotics. We were just retested and received the "all clear." So we are ttc naturally this month and very excited about it. I'm still doing baby aspirin, Folgard, Folapro, and Lovenox for my MTHFR and APS, as well as IVIg to prevent NK flares. We know the odds of ttc naturally, but that's how we got pg last year, so maybe it will work. We are just so busy feeling healthy and energetic that we feel time is on our side again. According to Dr. Toth, more thn 50% of infertility originates with harmful pathogens (usually bacteria) and all IF couples should be tested for more than fifty different potentially harmful pathogens. Who knows... but wish us luck!

    Meanwhile, best wishes to everyone ttc and waiting to ttc.


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