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1st IVF and Trisomy 15 and 22

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    1st IVF and Trisomy 15 and 22

    Just a little background. Have one beautiful boy conceived naturally (will be 3 next month) and have an unexplained secondary fertility problem.

    1st IVF cycle in Feb. Transfered 4 and was pregnant with twins. M/C at 10 1/2 weeks. Tissue from the D&C was sent out for karyotype. Results came back yesturday and one had trisomy 15 and the other had trisomy 22. Apparently nothing wrong with me.

    does anyone else have any experience with these trisomies?

    Everything I read on the internet says that in doing IVF 3 out of 4 embryos will turn out to be genetically abnormal.

    I have a follow up with my doctor on the 10th to discuss what to do next but I'm at a loss as to what to ask. This whole fertility issue/chromosome issue is soo complicated.

    I have to believe that if I had 1 successful pregnancy with no abnormalities that it would happen again.

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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    the trisomies you mentioned are rarer so the chance of them occuring again would be less than 1%. given that this has happened to you though you may wish to ask about doing pgd on any embryos to rule out any abnormalities before you t/f.
    unfortunately my only experience with trisomies is not good as the angel dd i lost was a triploidy (complete trisomy). however given that it is such a rare event the chances of that happening again were next to nill...however i am considered at higher risk for a trisomy in general but have gone one to have two subsequent pgs with no genetic problems.
    i wish you luck in your journey and if i can be of nay more help please let me know.
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    Hi Tysmom,
    I too had a dd born at 15wks with a trisomy 18...from what we understand we only have a 1% chance greater than anyone else my age of having another trisomy baby....so if you take your age....which in my age group it is 1 in 250.....I have 1% chance greater than anyone else my age.

    I hope that answers your question.
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