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at what point do you go for testing (m/c mnt'd)

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    Question at what point do you go for testing (m/c mnt'd)

    ok girls,
    just a brief run down on me.

    me - 27, DH 29 - unexplained IF, irregular periods, lack of ovul.

    1st Pgcy- clomid alone - m/c same day a HPT
    2nd Pgcy - clomid alone - m/c by 4 wks (blighted ovum)
    3rd Pgcy - IUI BFP - chem pgcy
    4th Pgcy - IVF/FET 2 blasts, m/c @ 8wks6days - h/b stopped and baby
    stopped growing. Had D & C today to remove tissue.

    With this last process (IVF) I took baby aspirin throughout this process all the way until this past Sat.

    So here's my questions -
    at what point do I move on for some genetic/immune/other testing? I have had alot of the basic tests run after the 3rd loss. They came back normal and no problems.
    What does Lovenox do?
    How do I know if I need more "intervention"?

    My basic tests were done through my RE clinic, I am wondering at what point if any should I go to a "specialist" for immune problems, etc and what type of Dr would that be?

    I'm at a point where I want to move on to the next FET or IVF but I don't want to keep hitting my head. I think it's more than just a case of Bad luck, but want to be sure.

    Any info that you ladies can share would be most appreciated.
    Girlpooh - Lana

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    I'm so sorry for your most recent loss!!

    Most of the questions you've asked are better targeted at the Immune Issues bulletin board.

    As an immune issues patient with MTHFR (genetic) issues, my answer as to when you should get full and complete testing would be NOW NOW NOW.

    It is a crying shame that the RE community tends to wait until three losses to run various panels. M/c is not normal and testing should be done after the first loss.

    Someday we will change this protocol.

    There is so much information regarding Reproductive Immunology (it's a different field from Reproductive Endocrinology.) You should spend some serious time researching all the information available on the Immune Issues bulletin board, then ask some specific questions of that group.

    Dr. Beer is one reproductive immunologist (RI). It's a new field and much smaller than the RE field. However, countless women have been successful by incorporating immune testing and treatment into their IF and pg protocols. http://www.repro-med.net

    In addition, based on your history, I would VERY HIGHLY recommend looking into Dr. Toth http://www.fertilitysolution.com I can say that DH and I dismissed his ideas out of hand for over a year. We finally realized that I was having immune flares for SOME reason and needed to know why, so, after extensive testing, we have been completing Dr. Toth's treatment. His books are available to read (free) online. I strongly recommend reading them both, "cover" to "cover". Seriously.

    Key tests for you in the RI world will include NK (natural killer) cell activity, LAD (leukocyte antibody detection) testing, FULL APA (antiphospholipid antibody) panel, and several others. Learn more on the Yahoo immunology group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/immunologysupport/

    Dr. Toth tests for more than 50 bacteria that can interfere with getting pg and cause m/c. Remember that standard testing only includes a few of these, and isn't always accurate.

    I recommend you investigate both routes! Remember, even women who've had several children can have reproductive immune issues. That just means that the body is acting up to protect itself from a pg. Once they start, it's hard to stop them without proper immune treatment.

    Good luck to you!!! May you never suffer another loss, and may your baby come to you soon.

    Endo since 1986
    everything else great!
    ttc since 5/04
    lap 5/05
    unrelated antibiotics briefly rx 6/05
    chem pg 7/05 (working theory = antibiotics created good environ. for pg!)
    immune testing w/ Dr. Beer 7/05
    immune treatment through 10/05
    three tries with immune treatment (BFN) 11/05, 1/06, 3/06
    bacteria testing w/ Dr. Toth 4/06
    bacteria treatment through 6/06
    ttc again in 6/06
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    sorry to hear about....

    I'm too am sorry to hear about your loss. I also miscarried...twins a couple of weeks ago.

    I don't understand why your doctor didn't start running tests after your first loss. I guess my first question would be when you had the D&C, did they send the tissue out to a specialized lab for karyotyping?

    The Karyotype will tell you WHY you miscarried. In my case I just found out yesturday that each baby carried 1 extra diffferent chromosome. But, your doctor should still do blood work to check for other things.

    I have had one "natural" birth and now 1 miscarriage and my doctor has already run some other blood work to check thyroid, genetic blood clotting issues. etc.

    Don't know if any of this helps.

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    so sorry to hear about your losses
    you and dh shoudl both go for a full karyotype analysis to rule out any translocations (you could be affected and not know it) as well as immune testing.
    i wish you luck and please keep us posted
    me and my three:
    and my three very sweet angels, who will never be forgotten: (18+wks) (5wks) (8wks)

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