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Smoking Marijuana and reduced Fertility?? Does that mean trouble for Miley later??

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    Smoking Marijuana and reduced Fertility?? Does that mean trouble for Miley later??

    I was recently reading an article online about Miley Cyrus and her alleged bout with smoking pot at the MTV EMA's 2013.. So, then during my surf, I came across a list of celebs that also allegedly have smoked pot ( like Oprah, Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Kirsten Dunst to name a few) and surprisingly, many do not have children... Now, granted, they are not married, but still..... I am curious if smoking pot affects fertility the way something as simple as caffeine does.

    An article I came across clearly states that not only does smoking MaryJane totally confuse male sperms, but even if the female partner smokes, it will end up in her secretions and ultimately damage the sperm as well...

    Smoking Marijuana Lowers Fertility

    Are you actively TTC and your partner likes to smoke occasionally?? Maybe nows the time to show him this article and put a stop to that while baby making for sure!
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    I think this is one of those things where people feel strongly FOR it or strongly AGAINST it. I wonder how much is too much? Is it like drinking while TTC and pregnant? No amount is safe? (I'm obviously putting aside the legal issues regarding marijuana and just wondering what everyone thinks about pot usage while TTC)...

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    I think quitting for the duration of ttc is a good idea. There's some evidence to suggest that even small amounts of THC can cause birth defects and the like. Alcohol is a bit different in that you need to drink a lot more to affect the pregnancy. I'd even recommend to detox your body asap, this can help Does Certo Sure Jell Detox Work for Drug Test? - NCSM

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