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GER and stomach bug, help!

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    GER and stomach bug, help!

    My son is 3.5 months old and was put on zantac for acid reflux. He did pretty well on it, but after about a month I called to get an increased dose because it didn't seem to be working as well. The first day I used the increased dose it worked great, but didn't seem to do the job after the first day. I took him to the doctor a few days later and he was put on prevacid liquid. and then he started throwing up. Usually one or two times a day and he was having loud stomach gurgling and diarrhea. The dr's said he has the stomach bug and we just have to wait it out. We are on day 6 of this. I asked his doctor if he should be on his reflux med's during a stomach bug and they said yes.

    He now seems to be doing a little better, but he still is throwing up once a day. I thought it might have something to do with the prevacid being strong or something so I decided to not give it to him today. Instead I gave him his zantac because he was doing better on it before and he immediately threw it up. That was a major sign for me.

    I'm wondering if he did have a stomach bug, but that the reflux drugs are just too strong for his stomach right now? I'm pretty sure he did have the stomach bug at one point because I managed to get it and was up throwing up last night. Has anyone had any issues with this? He doesn't have any red bumps or anything on his face like he was having an allergic reaction to it. I'm just not sure what to do. Also he was on 2ml of the liquid prevacid and he weighs a little over 13 pounds. Is this the correct dose? I keep reading higher dosing for the tablet prevacid and I'm not sure. I know it's different because of compounding and such, but I'm confused by all the different mg amounts.
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    I'm sorry, I can't really answer your question, as I am new to the whole reflux thing. I just wanted to say I hope your little boy is feeling better. Stomach bugs are the worst!


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    My DS#2 had the stomach bug when he was around 16 mths and it was a good 2 weeks before he was feeling totally better from it. So, definitely, a stomach bug could be lasting this long. I would check with the doc in a few days if it doesn't get any better. My DS#1, who had a milk allergy and was on Isomil (soy) many years ago, still threw up several times a day when he was a baby. I know now that he had pretty severe reflux but back then it wasn't diagnosed as much. Good luck hun!
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    My son is 5 and he still takes prevacid for his reflux. We actually just had the stomach bug go through our house as well. I will say thatwith his reflux if he gets a GI bug that involves vomiting it is always worse for him and takes him much longer to get over it than it does my other 2 kids. He complains of "throw up" coming up his throat several times a day even when he is not sick. If he is on milk based formula he may need something else until he gets over the bug.
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