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Repeated Cancelled FET transfers due to Ovarian Cyst that won't go away!

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    Repeated Cancelled FET transfers due to Ovarian Cyst that won't go away!

    anyone out there have experience with ovarian cysts that won't go away? Also high estrogen levels. What was your route of treatment so you could move forward with FET?

    back story :

    my RE's NP found a 26mm cyst during a Saline Sonogram (we were preparing to do a FET) at the end of June. She said they mostly go away on their own, so we will wait.

    my next cycle started and the cyst grew a little bit bigger (35+mm)! this time she said "ok time to take birth control pills" - but come to find out that recent studies show that cysts don't shrink due to the pills. they help prevent new cysts from forming.

    next cycle again - cyst grew AGAIN AND A SECOND CYST IS SMACK RIGHT NEXT TO IT! They measure 46 and 25mm! RE said she's surprised a new one is there and she doesn't know why even being on birth control pills new one developed. but cysts can take 1 to 3 months on average to resolve - continue birth control pills again.

    next cycle - 3 CYSTS SHOW UP ON THE ULTRASOUND!!! measurements are 25, 17, 16mm....well at least 1 cyst got smaller right? maybe both? but a 3rd one?!? So RE ordered estrogen blood levels and they come back at 600!!! Now RE is offering depo-Lupron to completely put me in a temporary state of menopause, or wait one more month with birth control pills and see what happens since the numbers are shorter. Either way...I'm scared of the Lupron side effects? It doesn't guarantee shrinkage, but it'll fast track it other than waiting again?

    What are your thoughts? Anyone familiar with Lupron to shrink persistent ovarian cysts?

    Thanks for reading this long post!

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    I'm so sorry to hear this! How incredibly frustrating for you!! Can your doctor drain he cysts? I have't had that done, but I've read where doctors can aspirate the liquid inside the cyst to make them go away faster. Maybe ask you doctor if that is an option? Best of Luck!
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    Sorry for all the set back you have to go through....SC-Kelly pretty much summed it up. Best of luck and hope they find the cause of it so you can carry on with your next cycle.

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    Tell your doctor to try natural cycle to see what is body doing normally. We changed 3 REs - with many failures. Finally what worked was a FET on a natural cycle to build-up lining with a genetically tested embryo.

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