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How Do You Get People To Read a Pollution Study?  Link It To Sperm Quality

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    How Do You Get People To Read a Pollution Study? Link It To Sperm Quality

    How do you get an entire planet to read a long, boring story on climate changes??? You link it to sperm quality... Buried in the dry paper about the effects we are having on the climate is a line or two about the state of reproductive health. And then this statement was made online: Two thirds of the semen samples in storage at sperm banks in Shanghai fall below the acceptable levels of the World Health Organization. Many donors were diagnosed with oligospermia (low sperm count) and azoospermia (no sperm). See a related article here: Pollution pushes Shanghai towards semen crisis

    Do you think the sperm quality is affected because of pollution? Do you think this was just a very effective attention grabber? Have you reduced your toxins, either by reducing the number ingested or by moving to a less polluted city and found your sperm health increased?
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    Infertility treatment has become especially important in decades. The well-being and standard of living is increasing from year to year, but significantly affected the basic and necessary for the function of reproduction of the human body. Scientists enthusiastically argue that it is the cause of infertility progressive population of the Earth: environmental pollution, rapid development of technology, genetically modified foods, or any other adverse environmental factors, while the number of infertile couples is increasing.

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    Do you think the sperm quality is affected because of pollution?
    unfortunately, studies showed that high levels of air pollution are linked to poor sperm quality and male infertility
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