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Egg donation in Europe

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    Hello, we were in Ukraine for the sake of surrogacy. I know that in the clinic in which we were there is such an option as donating eggs and sperm. We did not use this option, because it was not necessary for us. But I've heard a lot about it. I heard that a woman from 20 to 30 years old can become a donor of eggs in Ukraine. She must have her own healthy child. A woman should not have negative phenotypic manifestations. She must have a satisfactory physical health. She should not have hereditary diseases. She should not have bad habits: drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse. What about donor sperm ?! Volume of ejaculate should exceed 1 ml. The concentration of sperm should be more than 40 million in 1 ml of ejaculate. Progressive-mobile forms (A + B) more than 50%. The proportion of morphologically normal forms is more than 60%. Cryotrolism (complete survival of the sperm after thawing). In order to help you, I once again found out information about the donation of eggs and sperm in Ukraine. I hope this information will help you. We were there not so long ago. In general, we liked the level of medical services. There was our second attempt of surrogacy. Fortunately, this attempt was successful. Because the first attempt was in another country. It was completely unsuccessful and we were so nervous. We thought we no longer have the strength. But then we decided to try again. In addition, prices in Ukraine are much lower than in America. Therefore, we decided that even if there were no results, we will not lose a lot of money. Like the first time we have lost so much in vain. Think carefully, choose a country and go there. Do not waste time. I hope everything will be fine with you.

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    Ririand - good luck with yr journey
    ME - 36, DH - 45
    IVF #1 - 2017, BFN, no implantation
    IVF #2 - 2017, BFN
    changed clinics, 1st consulting - Gdansk, Poland

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