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menopur - place to purchase cheapest

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    menopur - place to purchase cheapest


    which is the cheapest pharmacy to purchase Menopur out of pocket?

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    Hi wantobehappy,

    I don't know about the costs at local pharmacies, but you may qualify for compassionate care. If you are approved, you'll to use an affiliated pharmacy. If you do not have an affiliated pharmacy near you, you can use the mailing service. Not everyone is approved, but if you are, discounts range from 25%-75% off, based on your income. Below is the link for*Compassionate*Care: h


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    I realize this is an older thread, but other people may be looking for budget-friendlier options, so:

    I recently ordered Merional through NorthwestPharmacy.com . Merional can be used in place of Menopur, but your doctor may need to write the prescription for that. (Also, my doctor told me I could substitute it for Follistim; it's not the same, but the only reason he prescribes part Follistim is because it's cheaper than Menopur for people ordering from their recommended US pharmacy.) I ordered it in 150IU vials, since it's cheaper than ordering twice as many 75IU vials. I ordered 45 of the 150IU vials for $1,529.91, minus a 10% coupon discount their website offered me, plus $9.99 shipping. (To save you the math, that's comparable to $15.41 for a 75IU vial) Northwest Pharmacy is a Canadian Pharmacy and they have been a ginormous pain-in-the-butt. In addition to ordering online, they required me to sign a paper order form and email the scan of it back, due to the order amount, and they refused to send my order to the address I initially chose because it's against their policy to ship directly to a doctor's office, and they made me send them a second more detailed prescription that didn't just list the drug and quantity but also gave more specific dosing instructions. Their website says they'll take electronic check without delaying your order, (they do not accept credit card) but then their rep called me and told me it would cause a 15 day delay and recommended sending them a cashiers check instead. So I paid to FedEx them the cashier's check, but it still took two weeks before they issued me a tracking number. Currently I'm waiting for my order; it may take a weeks. I had also ordered Ganirelix but yesterday they called me, 4 days after issuing me a tracking number and 18 days after getting my check, and told me they needed to send a refund because the Ganirelix was out-of-stock. In spite of all this, assuming I get my Merional and everything with it is correct, I will consider the great cost savings and lengthy wait worth the hassle.

    I have also ordered Merional from IVFMeds.com , a UK pharmacy. They charged $27 per 75IU vial plus a $49 shipping fee. They also have 75IU Menopur vials for $36 and a generic HMG for $18 but my boyfriend (an obgyn) didn't want me to go for the generic because it's an intramuscular injection instead of subcutaneous, and he thought I would have a difficult time with those. They accepted my boyfriend's Mastercard, but then they had credit card processing problems so they didn't charge us for 2 month. They shipped our 2 orders (totaling over $2,000) anyhow on just the promise that we would pay when they resolved their issues. Now THAT'S customer service! For a while they stopped taking credit card orders and I didn't want to wire money which is why I went with Northwest this most recent order, but I think they're back to taking them again because they just charged my boyfriend for our orders. Their order took 13 days to receive, shipped from the UK. They do not ship in a thermally-protected container, so I would not ship heat sensitive drugs during a hot time of year. (My understanding from my boyfriend is that Merional/Menopur isn't that heat sensitive. Our order of Ganirelix is heat sensitive, but we didn't order that in the summer so we were fine.)

    My first order of Menopur was from MapleLeafMeds.com, a Canadian pharmacy. I think it took around 3 weeks to arrive, and cost $277 for 10 vials plus $9.95 shipping and they accepted American Express but not other credit cards.
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