I always seem to have this trouble...my dh loves pineapple pie. well, I have tried different recipes with no luck to his liking. I don't know how they make it in Mexico but that is what he wants one like. Yeah, I asked my in laws there but no one seems to know. My dh always buys them from a street vendor--or someone who sells them from their car.

So this is one of my requests....a recipe for pineapple pie!
Oh second is still the sticky rice pudding/bake that our school used to serve for lunch. I think it was baked in butter and water then hot milk added with some sugar and back to the oven it went. It turned out sticky and they would shake cinnamon sugar on top! YUMMY!

Anyone got one of these recipes to share? How about sharing something you would like for a recipe that you still can't find??