Hello. I recently had a consultation with a highly recommended doctor regarding egg freezing. I have already done IVF and wasn't thrilled about doing it again. Anyway, I got some interesting information from him regarding the options for retrieving eggs and I thought I'd share.

3 Methods of retrieving eggs for freezing:

1. Regular full blown IVF. This involves all of the hormone shots and all of the side effects that go along with them. Plus side you are more likely to get a lot of eggs.

2. Mini or Lite IVF. This requires less hormones but more time commitment to being monitored at the doctor's office. Also, this may not yield as many eggs as regular IVF so isn't recommended if you're over 35

3. Natural (no drugs). Basically they monitor your cycle (so you're basically living at the doctor's office) and you have to catch your eggs at just the right time for the retrieval procedure. I like this option because I don't want to do the drugs again; however, I'm not sure if I can commit to the time required.

Hope this helps to know that there are several options.