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Egg Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

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    Egg Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

    Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, has been around for many years, but until recently was considered an experimental procedure generally reserved for women attempting to preserve their fertility before undergoing cancer treatment. In 2012, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the experimental label offering this option to all women.

    Vitrification freezes eggs so quickly that ice crystals do not have time to form. This replaced the slow freeze method which was the standard for decades. Slow freezing did allow ice crystals to form.

    Those wishing to preserve their fertility are good candidates for egg freezing. The ASRM cautions “Success rates with oocyte cryopreservation appear to decline with maternal age consistent with the clinical experience with fresh oocytes.” Freezing as early as possible is best. A woman’s egg quality peaks between 16 to 28 years (reproductive years), but they may still be acceptable from age 29 to 38 (the mid-reproductive years), but their quality diminishes greatly from age 39 to 44. Often those looking at egg freezing are women who haven't found the right partner yet, those that are delaying childbearing until they are established in their careers, or simply want to wait but have the benefits associated with their younger eggs. Women who test positive for a genetic disorder, such as the breast cancer gene, an autoimmune disease or those with a strong family history of ovarian cancer may strongly consider freezing eggs early to preserve their fertility. Frozen eggs may also be used with a gestational carrier if the situation presents itself.

    Retrieving eggs for cryopreservation is similar to that of an in vitro fertilization cycle. The patient will be stimulated to maximize egg production. Just prior to ovulation, the patient will undergo a procedure to retrieve the eggs generally under light general anesthesia. After retrieval the lab will prepare and freeze them. The patient will have some mild discomfort for a few days and possibly some spotting.

    Excellent Articles:
    Egg Freezing: Should It Be on the To-Do List for the New Year?

    When to Consider Egg Freezing

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    If you're in the Chicago area and looking to get more information on egg freezing and the EggBanxx program, check out EggBanxx: Chicago--

    EggBanxx is hosting an informational meet and greet so you can get to know egg freezing professionals (fertility doctors) in the Chicago area! Cocktails will be served and the atmosphere is very comfortable and laid back. To learn more, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eggbanx...ts-10744421855

    Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014

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    Location: Hotel Monaco 225 N Wabash Ave
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    If you need information on multi-cycle savings and financing for IVF or egg freezing, contact our Patient Care Advocates for help or send us a message on our Facebook page.

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    Come join us and meet 3 top NYC RE's to discuss your options while talking to other women just like you and me.
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    egg freezing is phantastic - the only method available to women right now to slow down their biological clock for a few years (sometimes more and sometimes less, this is very individual).

    however, vitrification works best for young women, those who can afford to freeze some reasonable numbers (say, 20 eggs) in just a few rounds of costly rounds of ovarian stimulation.
    older women should consider freezing embryos instead.
    even when everything works well with freezing, there is still a world of difference when it comes to THAWING eggs vs. thawing embryos (which are much more stable).
    here is more about it: Freezing eggs (oocyte kryopreservation). Is it for you? | Paleo-Mama
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    Hi, girls! I am new in your thread, I was just reading the information and want to share mine concerning eggs freezing. I have PCOS and I didn’t leave the dream to have a child. Unfortunately I haven’t normal eggs and actually I haven’t what to freeze, but for a long time I was looking for the donation programs and my aim was to find the most appropriate procedure which can increase my chances for pregnancy. And I found the information about eggs freezing and embryo freezing and the thing is that freezing reduce your chances to get pregnant to the minimum((( And if you get pregnant the degeneration of material can affect the health of your future child. When I was looking for clinic the most important for me was to find the clinic which works with fresh material. Next week I will start my program and I hope it will help me. Good luck to you, girls, and be careful, hope this information will be useful. And this is one of the articles I have read Fresh donor eggs make for success » News from Europe

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    Please please please if you really are considering this, then do so with VERY open eyes and a good deal of skepticism about what you hear.

    There are good reasons why ASRM and ACOG do NOT recommend egg freezing to preserve fertility--quite simply there is not yet good enough data to support it. This is NOT insurance--there are absolutely no guarantees that you will be able to have a baby with the eggs you freeze (that's what the data we do have us shows, plain and simple).

    Do lots of homework (there are plenty of articles on the web now since Apple and Facebook made their (IMO crazy) announcement about offering egg freezing to employees. Be VERY skeptical of what you hear from these egg freezing brokers.
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    Egg Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

    I agree Egg Freezing is not a Guarantee to have a baby. However, neither is traditional baby making either. The fact is, that if you wait to begin your family when you are over 35-40, then you are risking your egg quality and you may be forced to use donor eggs. This choice at least gives you the possibility of having a biological child if that is what you desire - where waiting for Mr Right or the Right Time can take longer than expected and before you know it you are in ovarian failure stage- low egg count- hormonal problems etc. Agreed this is not a 100 % or even a 75% definite positive outcome, but at least it leaves you in the game. At least you may have a chance you otherwise would not. IMO

    If you have any questions about your fertility treatment or doctor, our Patient Care Advocates could help!
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    May 13 FET-BFP- m/c @ 6 weeks
    Sept 13- FET in Oct. cancelled due to surprise BFP!!
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    Usefull discussion, and sorry the last post dated more than 1.5 years ago. The issue has been boosted by Apple and Facebook news (personally I do not think it’s crazy, probably a chance again for young ladies to use scientific possibilities, wait for her Mr Right a bit longer etc) and is incredibly popular now even in Eastern Europe. Ever and again I live in Poland, where a clinic (one of the best private) introduced egg freezing programme plus ivf. It seems better option than any broker- the clinic is known for great staff, doctors and professors, experienced in ivf and has one of the best lab.

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    Hi all! My name is Erin. I am a senior at Santa Clara University currently working on my thesis which focuses on taking control of your fertility by means of freezing your eggs. I am interested in hearing what brought you to this decision and what the process what like. If anyone is willing to share their experience with me, please let me know.

    my email address is: erchristie@scu.edu

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    I know that freeze eggs in the same manner as embryos, utilizing a freezing temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. And heard about women pregnancy experience achieving pregnancies with frozen embryos – in one case the embryo was frozen 10 years – we are confident that long-term storage of frozen eggs does not result in any decrease in quality. My experience is another proof. I appealed to the First Egg Bank.com Bank has been supplying highest quality vitrified donor oocytes.

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