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IVF/egg freezing - felt good on the drugs but hasn't reduced anxiety re bio clock

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    IVF/egg freezing - felt good on the drugs but hasn't reduced anxiety re bio clock

    I will just give a little synopsis of what I experienced with egg freezing and I will invite others to do the same...I had heard horror stories of IVF drugs and was pleasantly surprised to find I actually felt good and happy on them!
    They calmed me down yet also gave me an energy boost….weird. The worst part was actually all the injection sites
    on my stomach which were painful and I don’t know how people do the long cycles of IVF injecting over and over
    because I couldn’t have done much more than the 12 days…(also Cetrotide was the drug from hell to prepare and inject)

    Mind you, I did the ‘milder’ form of IVF for my egg freezing procedure. I am thinking that because they are
    hormones, and hormones are precursors to everything including serotonin production, they help to stimulate
    more serotonin production so you can feel happier on them!

    I am 38, and all 7 of the eggs retrieved were mature and survived the freeze…to the amazement of the embryologist
    and I put that down to the regular acupuncture I was having as well as meditation which I believe helps to
    strengthen the telomeres on the cells so they are more robust and likely to be chromosomally normal.

    Close to the egg collection day I feared I had ovulated after seeing others post on these sites but of course later I realised the ovulation pains were just the eggs growing in the final stages. I also enjoyed my final jab-free day! The procedure itself was fine and I actually enjoyed being sedated as all my troubles went away for a few hours! I'll be going back in a few months’ time to do embryo freezing as it seems to have more success, but I want to see first how IVF affected my body and cycle. As it stands I still get longer bleeding than usual.

    Anyone else had a relatively good experience with short IVF cycle for egg freezing?
    I must say however it hasn't given me the psychological relief I was hoping for, because I still feel an element of anxiety/biological clock ticking over my head...knowing that there is still only a small chance with IVF later down the line using my frozen eggs....I guess that's a good thing as it will kick me into action to try to conceive naturally!

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Me-36 (endo 2002), DH-42 (perfect)
    DS (adopted 2004)
    Many IUI- bfn

    IVF#1-4 (2 bfn's 2 chemical's)
    IVF#5 13 ret, 12 mat, 11 fert, 8 biopsy'd = 6 normal frozen for FET
    May 13 FET-BFP- m/c @ 6 weeks
    Sept 13- FET in Oct. cancelled due to surprise BFP!!
    EDD 5/25/2014 (c-section sch. 5/8/14) It's a BOY

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    Evie_eve, Questions, you mentioned that you did the "the ‘milder’ form of IVF", but you also stated that you stimmed for 12 days. What was your protocol? I am curious. Also, do you think you can add a signature to your posting? Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I believe if more women knew about the biological clock and the low % of good eggs once we reach ~mid to late 30s, more women will be interested on s$$$aving for this instead of shoes/handbags/etc.

    Are you still planning on doing another cycle and creating embryos? How good was the experience at your clinic? what about costs?

    Take care and best of luck!
    DOB July'77 AMH 3.22 ng/mL: Sept2015 Extraction12; M 10; Antagonist 12d(Menopur/GonalF/Centrotite/Lupron ) 3 months Bc over supressed due to 1 cyst and miscommunication with clinic
    2nd:Jan2016. Cancelled, same protocol except waited 3 full days after bcpills to start injecting. High E & 4 HUGE follicles 3rd:March2016. Expecting 10 mature, 2 of biggest follicles were empty, 8M.

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    Hi all! My name is Erin. I am a senior at Santa Clara University currently working on my thesis which focuses on taking control of your fertility by means of freezing your eggs. I am interested in hearing what brought you to this decision and what the process was like. If anyone is willing to share their experience with me, please let me know.

    my email address is: erchristie@scu.edu
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