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I'm new. Donor agency recommendations. Anyone gone through IVF with donor eggs?

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    I'm new. Donor agency recommendations. Anyone gone through IVF with donor eggs?

    Hi Everyone,
    It's been so long since I have posted on here.

    I am 36 y/o. 10 yrs ago I went through IVF using my own eggs. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. with the IVF cycles they did not work out. I did get pregnant the 1st time, but miscarried :-(
    On to now, I finally decided I would like to try & do IVF again.

    I met with Dr. Norian at Huntington Rep. Center in rancho cucamonga, california.
    he said since in my situation regarding having endometriosis. My response last time with getting enough embyros, wasn't that great. I went through Pacific Rep. Center at the time.
    So we decided this time I would do IVF again, & use donor egg source & donor sperm.
    Has anyone used Dr. Norian as their dr.? When I met with him, I really liked him as a doctor.

    I am wondering if anyone has done IVF using Donor eggs? what was your experience like, did it work?
    How much did you pay for your IVF cycle & donor agency fees?
    In regards to IVF- the price I got was $33K. This includes everything in regards to myself & the donor.
    I am new in regards to using donor egg source. I have done IVF so I am firmiliar to the process.

    I am not really sure what the process is regarding an egg donor. With all the fees regarding the agency & the egg donor fees.
    what determines the pricing? How long does it all take regarding the process?
    There is a low to high price I am wondering why that is?

    I am considering 2 agencies- Gifted Journey's, & Genesis Egg Donation. Both look really really good.
    they are highly recommended.
    I am wondering if anyone has used either of those agencies.

    If anyone has any advice or can talk about their experience that would be awesome.

    Thanks, Bonnie
    Bonnie: 36 yrs old.
    severe ENDO: diagnosed at 24.
    recurrent endo cysts.
    3 laparoscopies, 1 laparotomy.
    half left tube removed & remaining tube: blocked
    Left ovary removed
    3 IVF cycles: first cycle- miscarried
    2 failed IVF cycles
    Prior Foster parent, Tried adoption through county- didn't work out.

    Possible IVF Cycle with Donor Eggs

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    Hello Bonnie

    I may have some insight but wayyyy too much to go into right now. If you like you are welcome to PM me.
    I have done DE IVF with success. I am unfamiliar with the places out West but was happy with the program i used.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    My history is too long to include everything here so I will begin with my most recent and successful journey:
    DE journey-7 eggs, 6 survived thaw, 5 fertilized, 4 divided, 3 made it to blast and were perfect and ready for transfer.
    Transferred 1 perfect embryo.
    March 2017, 1 beautiful baby girl born. God is good!

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    Hi. I am going through this now. I am working with OpenArms in Florida. My RE wanted me to do a fresh egg vs going through a donor bank. It ends up being close to 30 grand when it is all complete. My donor just did her psych testing, drug testing, genetic testing and she has been checked over by my RE and did all the required blood work. Next is the "legal" step, meaning a contract will be drawn by my attorney and her attorney will review it (we are paying for it all). I believe this is one of the last steps before cycling begins. We plan to freeze the embryos and hopefully transfer this summer after I am finished with graduate school.

    side note... I have PCOS. I did one cycle with my own eggs in 2015, all arrested except for two that was implanted (nothing to freeze). Even though my ovarian reserve came back that I have good reserve, I decided to go right to donor eggs. I am 39 years old now, and at the time I started my DE path I was convinced my eggs are bad. However, now I am thinking about freezing all the embryos from her/hubby, and try to cycle one more time using my own eggs. This was very hard for my husband to accept doing a DE and he wants me to try once more. I just fear all the drugs, the added cost, and the extreme let down. I went through a huge surgery in November to remove portions of my liver because of two tumors that was believed produced by IVF drugs. However, it came back as being tumors that was not estrogen loving adenomas as thought, but just something that I was born with and benign. My liver is healed up and IVF is a green light. However, I admit that a full IVF cycle still scares me.

    I just wanted to comment because I am really happy with OpenArms and their process. It has been organized and has been an easy process thus far. Good luck!

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