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Being an Egg Donor.

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    Question Being an Egg Donor.

    Hey Ya'll. I just had a few questions. My husband and I just found out he has infertility, So ever since I was 16 I had wanted to become an egg donor, and with being 26, and starting college in the spring, I figured what better time ! My husband isn't able to deal with his infertility issues till 2018, due to being active duty military. I have a 6 year old son, from a previous marriage. And now I'm just curious to know what is the MAIN thing some of ya'll look for in a egg donor ? Also, if anyone has donated before, where did you go through ? Currently I am registered as a donor at SimpleDonations.com and ExtraordinaryConceptions.com, As of Friday My profile became searchable. Thanks ya'll !

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    I am so excited for you! What an opportunity to give such an amazing gift to someone

    You might find some interesting information on our Donor Issues Board:https://www.fertilethoughts.com/foru...gg-and-sperm-/

    So many aspects of the donor process are discussed, it may give you a better sense of what to expect.

    Best of luck!

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    Donatingmomma, what a wonderful gift you are giving..I am using donor eggs and I wish more then anything I could tell my donor how very thankful I am for her...it takes a special person to do that...i look for looks that match mine. And then education, and Fertility history...not sure which order as to me there all important..again from all egg donor users..thankyou so much...as my donor says you give the gift of life....sooooo true...
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