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Any tips for our first FET?

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    Any tips for our first FET?

    Hi everyone,

    I just started estradiol vaginally tonight for our upcoming FET at Shady Grove scheduled for 11/14/16. I have a balanced translocation of my genes and we used a donor egg in 2014. I delivered our healthy baby girl in April 2015 and now we are ready to try for another. During our fresh cycle I used estradiol as an injection, so vaginally estradiol is new for me. Has it worked well for a thick lining for others? Any tips for me going into this frozen cycle? We have 2 frozen near perfect blastocyst frozen, but only planning on transferring one. I am nervous and trying not to get too excited because I feel so blessed already to have my daughter that I just can't imagine being fortunate enough to have 2 children. It took us 11 years of fertility struggle to learn of my gene issue, so I cherish every day with my daughter and say prayers of thanks for our egg donor. If we do have a success pregnancy and delivery we will have 1 embryo left that we will be unable to use. Has anyone ever put an embryo up for adoption?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi April,

    I just saw your post and I believe we are just outside your two week wait period. How did it go?

    Wishing you all the baby dust!

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