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friend with a donor question???

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    friend with a donor question???

    I have a friend who is using an egg donor. Her donor had lots of follicles over 30 on each ovary to start. Then, on the day 4 scan there were 71 small follicles in all, e2 level was 250-something. Today, she called me and said the donor has 6 or more on each ovary at 9mm (today is day 6 of stims), e2 was 500-something. The donor is 27 and had all successful donations, several of them. Is this good?

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    Yes, I would say so. It sounds like she may have 10 or so eggs to work with. (If she has 6 on each side, I always factor in that they may not all be mature at ER). If she gets 10 eggs, she may have about 5 embryos to work with. It sounds like a lot of attrition, but really it is normal. Donor eggs are subject to the same issues that any woman would have trying to conceive. Not all of them are genetically normal, etc. Donor eggs up the odds considerably though!!!

    Sounds like a great cycle for her! Best of luck!
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    Hi, I think it's good. I agree with previous opinions. I think that the 5 embryos - is good. Of course, donor eggs will greatly increase the chances of pregnancy. And Yes, they are not always good, but in most cases they are better ... I hope she had a great cycle. And I hope that you could feel the joy of motherhood. Write to us about it, it's very interesting how your story ended.

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