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Thinking about Embryo adoption....

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    Thinking about Embryo adoption....

    So, hubby and I have been married for almost 12 years. Trying to get pregnant for 10. IVF negative, FET negative, FET 2 Chemical pregnancy. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I seem to respond to inject-able drugs but I really just think my eggs aren't that good. My doc hasn't brought up Embryo adoption but my hubby and I have been talking about it. We are totally on board, we really just want to be parents at this point, it doesn't really matter who the Bio parents are. My question is, has anyone with PCOS been unsuccessful with their own embies but successful with donor? They tell me my uterus is pretty perfect, nice lining and no issues, so I really think it is egg quality.
    Also there is a place in Knoxville that is a non-profit (national embryo donation center) and it is really close to my parents. The prices are amazing and worth the short trip. wondering if anyone has any experience with them.
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    I cannot speak to the local agency you are referring to, but I wanted to take a second to welcome you to the boards.

    I have been working with donor egg for a while now, and while embryo donation is slightly different, it is still many of the same emotional aspects.

    I truly hope you find the baby of your dreams with embryo donation. As always, we are here for you if you would like some support.

    I am going to have one of the patient care advocates take a look at this board, and maybe they can chime in on some suggestions! They are WONDERFUL people that have all been through infertility themselves!
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    That is a long time to be ttc. I am sorry for all your losses. (((HUGS))) We ttc just as long... we were married 10 years before DS was born via surrogacy. We had many failed IUI's and failed IVF's. My FSH was always low and my eggs were always good quality and we made great embryos... just failed to implant in me.

    So you have had 3 failed medicated IUI's, 1 failed fresh IVF, plus 2 failed FET? What is your FSH like? That would be important because if it's higher then your egg quality would not likely be as good. Also what did your Dr. or embryologist say about your egg quality on your IVF? They can tell a lot about your eggs from the IVF... straw or hay colored eggs are generally older and not as easily fertilizable. As far as PCOS, it generally manifests in women in their 30's and pregnancy is much harder after that.

    We donated our extra embryos to another couple via the surrogacy agency. It was a couple like us who had been through everything and nothing worked. We didn't want a couple having to pay some exorbitant fee for our embryos through an organization. Sounds like you are ready to move on to donor embryos... What is the price since it's a non-profit? Good luck and if you have any question feel free to PM me or post here.
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    Hello, unfortunately I do not have information about this center. You know, we were never there. To solve our problem, we flew abroad. But, I can say that we managed to spend an acceptable amount and much less than we thought. Therefore, reasonable prices can be found in different reproductive centers. The main thing is to read and find out recommendations and feedback. But I wish you achieve your goals.

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    To solve our problem, we flew abroad. But, I can say that we managed to spend an acceptable amount and much less than we thought. Therefore, reasonable prices can be found in different reproductive centers. The main thing is to read and find out recommendations and feedback. But I wish you achieve your goals.
    we did the same, and it occurred much much cheaper
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