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failed fresh donor cycle now on to frozen...any hope? success stories.

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    failed fresh donor cycle now on to frozen...any hope? success stories.

    Just completed my first donor fresh donor cycle. We transferred 1 4aa "perfect" blast. I am 40. 2 bio kids of my own. in great health. but to my shock got a BFN. I do have 2 frozen blasts. a day 5, 5BA and day 6 3bc. I am looking for anybody with any success or advice for what will be my FET.
    I am feeling very sad, mad, confused. This will be our last attempt. I am physically, emotionally, and financially drained. I would also like to add over the past 2.5 years I have done 3 fresh cycles (OE) all BFN and the last fresh gave me frosties so I did 2 frozen also BFN.
    I feel like I am the only person who can do 6 IVF/FET/Donor cycles in a row and fail.

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    Cupcakemommy- My current bfp is the result of FET with 2 embryos. One was 5d the other 6d. One was terrible quality. Even the doctor kind of wrinkled his nose at that one. I am definitely pg now. You have every chance in the world of pregnancy.
    Me- 41 Secondary Infertility, Hydrosalpinx, DH- 26 No known defects
    My Own Eggs- IVF 10/12 BFN, IVF 12/12 BFN, FET 1/13 BFN, IVF 2/13 BFN
    Donor Eggs- IVF 4/13 Frozen Eggs BFN, IVF 7/13 Fresh Donor eSet BFN, FET 8/13 BFN; FET eSET 10/13 BFN; FET of 2 11/13 BFP, first beta 304, second 1106, third 10246 (5w4d pg) u/s shows ONE bean!

    My blog - Normal People Don't Talk About This
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    Im sorry your cycle failed. Unfortunately DE is not a guarantee. National statistics is a little over 50% which means it often takes several tries. I had 4OE BFN, then a DE BFN. Then a c/p from DE 2. Another c/p from DE 3. I am currently 9w3d with twins from DE4 which was a FET with day 6 blasts. These were my 15th and 16th embryo transferred! I had to switch clinics after DE 2. Just because a blast looks good, it may not be. I also needed lovenox due to 2 copies of mthfr c677t which was only found after my 2nd c/p.
    TTC#1~ 8/10
    5 IUIs 2011=BFN
    4 OE IVFs 8/11- 6/12= BFN
    DE IVF #1 CNY: 11/12 = BFN
    DE IVF #2 CNY : 1/13= m/c 5w6d
    DE IVF#3 RBA : 1/14=m/c 5w2d; 7w1d incomplete m/c
    RPL panel=homo MTHFR c677t; added lovenox
    DE FET #1 RBA: ET 3/17/14 2 Day 6 blasts: beta 1 3/27= 197, beta 2 3/31=1589, beta 3 4/7=13879; First U/S= Twins
    Twin Girls K&K born 11/21/14

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    Yes, there is hope! I just had a baby with DE- second transfer. The first failed due to lining issues. I also had a failed fresh cycle. Finally we got the lining to cooperate, had a successful pregnancy and now have our little girl. Best of luck to you!
    2007/36 yr - froze 16 eggs
    2011 married DH 46yrs Me 39
    #1 - July 2011/40yrs old, IVF fresh cycle plus all frosties, trans 4 embies, BFP then no heart beat MC
    #2 - Aug 2012, IVF donor cycle, poor lining 6.4 BFP then MC prior to heart beat
    #3 - Aug 2013 FET donor, natural cycle, no meds lining 8.1 BFP, WE GOT A HEART BEAT! A GIRL EDD 4/28 (my birthday!)
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