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How did you come to the resolution of Child-Free Living?

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    How did you come to the resolution of Child-Free Living?

    Deciding to live child-free can be one of the most difficult decisions a couple will ever face together. How did you decide child-free living was right for you? What things have you done to focus on yourself, to grieve, or to celebrate this new lifestyle?
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    Through lots of prayer and tears. It just feels right, finally.
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    Moving on...Child Free.

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    Its a tripical life without How did you come to the resolution of Child-Free Living?.......Parents and couple are not live in this word with a lovely kids.Kids activities is a good enjoyment of the parents.It make parents life too happy.....Are you agree with me?
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    Yes, now more and more people make such a decision. Especially, this trend is traced in the European families. I recently read about this issue. Psychologists say a lot of interesting facts about this decision. But, I believe that each of us has the right to live as he wants.
    For example, my colleague does not want to have children, because she could not find a suitable man.
    But my friends many times decided to live without children.
    But, in the end, they are realized that children are an important part of their family.
    And now they are on the way to surrogacy.
    Probably it depends, mainly on the state of health.
    But, it often happens that people refuse to use methods of reproductive medicine because of their religiousness or aspects of religion. I also understand such people. Because otherwise they will live in constant stress. And these thoughts will not contribute to the enjoyment of motherhood. As you understand, there are a lot of reasons.
    And someone just does not feel the potential for raising a baby. Someone does not want to take extra responsibility. And someone can not provide the child financially.
    The main thing is to live as you like and not to think about the traditions, foundations. How good that our society has become simpler and freer in its decisions and attitude to life in general.

    My friends changed their attitude to this issue.
    But, earlier, initially they made decisions to live without children because of their health condition.
    But, still they could not reconcile with the fact that there is no hope.
    And I support them in this decision.
    It seems to me that you should not give up.
    My friends, for example, searched for a suitable clinic for a long time.
    They monitored many forums, read reviews.
    Watched a video on Youtube.
    They found the clinic account in the instagram, which they applied now. They began to learn information, prices and decided to act actively.

    You know, I'm very happy for them.
    I hope they will succeed, because previously they did not enjoy life.

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