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    Hi! I am glad to see this board. I think that talking to others about the daily challenges that we share can be a great thing. It is difficult to feel alone in your struggle and feel like you have nothing in common with others. i post on he playgroup boards but often I have issues that I feel that some of those ladies do not understand, KWIM?

    A little background on me. After nearly a dozen years of ttc through many means we got pg on our first IVF/ICSI cycle and we are now parents to one of the most beautiful children that we could ever have asked for. I am an art teacher so I have my summers of to spend with my DS. DH just went back to school to finish his degree and will be graduating in two years. Finances are tough due to the ever mounting stack of medical bills...plus DH will probably not be able to keep his full-time job much longer and keep up the ace with school. I am st rugling to exercise daily and lose weight in fear of the negative impact on my health. Both of my parents have diabetes now, and with my history of gestational diabetes I run a much higher risk if it returning. I also had high blood pressure during pregnancy, and losing weight will help to control that as well.

    My DS is very fortunate in a lot of ways,,,he has parents who adore him but he also faces daily challenges. He was not breathing when he was born and he also had jaundice, all of which was contributed to me having gestational diabetes. He was diagnosed with a milk allergy at 9 weeks, and struggled with GERD. He also suffers from bad seizures, the first of which occur ed at the age of 9 months old. He stopped breathing during the seizure and we barely made it to the ER to have him intubated and placed on a vent after he crashed. Luckily we live only a mile or so from the hospital. It was the scariest thing that we have ever been thorough in our lives. The doctor thinks that it was a combination of the seizure and GERD that caused the breathing problem originally, now they are thinking that asthma and an allergic reaction could have been the culprit. He has had them many times since, and was diagnosed with a seizure by one ped, but another thinks that it is febrile since he has only had them when he is scik. They think that he is spiking a fever and that is the problem. We have meds to administer in the event of one that lasts over five minutes and we will consider utting him on seizure medication of he has them again. At thsi point we are just hoping that they are febrile. He started having breathing problems that they associated with the reflux, and then they decided that it was asthma. He was later diagnosed with food allergies, and now has severe asthma and struggles to breathe every day. In a lot of ways he is a "typical" two year old, but in other ways he isn't. We rarely get any sleep because he is awake most of the night because he can't breathe. He has had pneumonia countless times (7 times since November of last year), so we bought a queen size bed to put in his room back in Jan so that when he can't sleep at least I can prop him up and lie in bed beside him so that I can get some rest before I have to get up and go to work. I honestly do not even remember the last time that I have slept all night. Luckily I have been off of work for the past month and I have one more before I go back full-time. Right now he is cutting four molars at the same time so he is really not resting because his mouth hurts.

    I now that my son could have much worse health conditions, but I thank God every day that we make it through the day okay.
    IVF/ICSI #1 Chance Ian:4-5-06
    Our little miracle:

    Each day as I watch you struggle I am reminded to find joy in the little things, to stop and smell the flowers, and that some things are more important than material things. Your smile melts my heart, and takes the chronic pain away, if only for a fleeting moment. Thank you for the joy that you bring, my son.

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    My older daughter is always sick. She has a very low immune system. My other daughter is very healthy. It seems at every holiday my DD gets sick all the time. She now has the stomach flu after we were away for 4 days at Seaworld. ALways right before the holidays it happens, a bit frustrated because it ruins my other DD holiday and I feel bad.

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