Found an interesting blog about it online ( 5 Things All Parents Need To Know In Case Of Intruders | | Protection Plus | Protection Plus ) and I hope that you guys find it useful. For people who have lived through the experience of home invasion would know how terrifying it is. Here are some tips a parent needs to know in case of intruders.

1) Create a plan with your family: Come up with a code word that only your family knows. Create a mock up of the plan that you have made and make sure that everybody knows what they are supposed to do.

2) Establish a backup if your first choice is out of question: The police recommend that you always stay hidden in a safe room and only face the intruder if you have to. You must alert the police and wait it out. If you can't escape make sure that the safe room is stocked with a telephone and a weapon for defence.

3) Know how to sound an alarm: Keep your carkeys on your bedside table so that you can press the panic button when someone tries to break into your house.

4) Take preventive measures: Get an alarm system with motion sensors to deter the burglars away.