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Children's Church...can you help me?

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    Children's Church...can you help me?

    Hi! I've been drafted to take over our Preschool age children's church for 2006. We actually call it Mini Church. It is what our little ones (ages 3-6) do during our worship service. We don't have a regular teacher for this group...many of the ladies from the church rotate turns in with them. We have an actual Sunday School program in there right now for the teachers to use...but really it's too involved. If we had the same teacher for a month at a time it would be different...but we don't have that luxury. Basically what ends up happening is the "teacher" comes in and reads the 3 page story with the kids...they color on the back...have a snack and then play for like 30 minutes. I would really like to see more of a lesson...at least a longer storytime...maybe giving them 10 minutes of play time at the end.

    Do any of you know of a good program we could be using? I really want something simple...that can easily be passed from teacher to teacher...that would keep the kids entertained and educated at the same time? I'm going to check the web site for Gospel Light??? (Is that right?...that is who we used for VBS this year...or is it Gospel Life?) Anyway...other suggestions would be VERY welcome!

    Thank you...God Bless!
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    Hello! I teach 5 year olds every week. I feel that it gives the kids more stability when they have the same teacher.

    We use Gosepl Light. First off, we start out with a color page, play for about 5 or 10 minutes to let others finish, read our story, sing a song, do a craft that goes with the story, and then we have a snack. If there is still time, the kids will play until their parents pick them up. Gospel Light also gives you more activity ideas. I try to do at least one of them if not more. It just depends on how much time you have.

    Hope this helps!!

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    We have 3 services and a preschool coordinator for each service. For the service that we attend, the children play in their classrooms for a bit and then the 2s,3s,4s,and 5's go into one room and our cordinator does a 2-3 song praise / worship session (cd player- with songs that have hand motions) younger children watch and learn from the older ones... Then she does the lesson- I think they use Gospel Light and she usually does some sort of skit or act out the story -using the kids- (normally the older ones but the younger one get to participate) then they pray and go back to their classrooms and do the craft/color/activity and then a small snack. My 3 enjoyed seeing each other during group time. It was really interesting that my ds when in the 5 yr old room would act out the plays and really participate but my 4 yr old dd would just sit.. 2 yr old dd would try to participate. This year when ds moved up to the bigger kids- now dd who will be 5 next month participates like crazy- they were all surprised... she was just watching and learning I guess... I love to hear them sing songs they've learned- One day DD was singing and I joined her- She asked - How do you know my song? I answered - we sing that one too!
    Best to you and your ministry.
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    check out Power Xpress. that is what we use for our sunday school

    here's the website. We have had such huge success with this program is it unbelievable. our little guys like your age have adapted the curriculum to their needs and they have a really stong program

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    Can't help here.. Our children's service is for 0 - 9 or so yr olds and is a regular service with a sermon just to the kids, sitting on the floor in front of the alter. Children do the readings, attend the alter, pass the plate, greet with their parents at the door, etc. The service runs about 45 minutes, with an adult sermon in the hall after. After the service the kids go to "sunday school" which is part of the "Godly Play" program, ages 3 and up (you can find books on it on Amazon). It is basically a scripture reading and acting out with small figures, then kids have "response" time where they do art or play with the story materials, followed by "prayers and feast" ie. snack (about 30 minutes).
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