Our Ladies ministry is doing a wonderful bible study and for the first time we offered it online for ladies and men (it is gender neutral) that wanted to do a bible study but could not attend for what ever reason. The study is going very well and the people who are currently doing it online are really enjoying it. I told Eli Mae earlier that I would post it here if ther is interest.

The book is The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross
You can order it online at www.goodseed.com. We have ordered books and rereordered books.... many are giving it as a Christmas gift to neighbors family and friends. It is written very simply but it takes you through the OT and into the NT showing the need for a sacrifice, savior and Christ. I cannot begin to adequately describe this book. It gave me an awsome foundational understanding of how many things tie together. For someone who has extensive knowledge- you'll not learn anything earthshattering except maybe a new way to talk to unbelievers or children. For those of us who have a lot to learn... it is great.

The lady who leads our study has been discipling me for a year and a half. She has the spiritual gift of teaching and researching and is wonderful. Her weekly handouts which I would post weekly include more indepth material and homework for the week at two levels - one for the beginner (just read the book) and the Extra Mile for the more mature Christian.

It will take you a few weeks to order and get your book so if you do that let me know and we can pick a time to begin. You will also have the opportunity to email her directly with any questions.

As a side note... they sell a children's devotional type book called The Lamb that is beautiful. I bought it for each of my chidren and am giving it as a Christmas gift to my childrens' teachers. So you may want to order one when you order your book.

Let me know if you are interested.
In HIS Name,