The first thing I learned is that there are all kinds of people. Some who don't believe at all but are indifferent, those who don't believe but who are searching for meaning in life and those who don't believe, don't want to believe, and are openly hostile to the Word. Way of the Master teaches how to speak to all these folks without offending or backing down.

You must remember a few basic principles.
1. The way of the cross is foolishness to those who are lost.
You cannot and should not discuss the fact that nonbelieving sinners go to hell. It is foolishness to them because they don't believe in heaven and hell and do not understand that they are sinners. This course taught me how to use the law (the 10 Commandments) to show people they are sinners in the eyes of the most Holy Lord and that He views all sin the same. The law is the schoolmaster to bring people to Christ.
2. Remember to never argue in the intellect, but to always bring the conversation back to the spiritual. For example, if someone wants to discuss where dinosaurs fit in (since they aren't mentioned in the Bible) simply say, that's a very interesting question that I'd love to discuss with you, but let's finish this first..and then go back to the Word.
3. It takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian.
4. Evolution is a theory that even Darwin himself came to question in his later life. (as a side note, the part that is always left out is that in the complete theory of evolution, Darwin also states that women and people of color are inferior to white how seriously can you really take it?)

Ok..this is how we do it. My husband, daughter and I go out for a walk along a path in town that is usually full of people. We make eye contact with people and say hello, how are you, nice evening, etc. Then one of us will ask a person, "So, will I see you in heaven?" or "Do you know where you'll spend eternity?" Kurt Cameron also suggests handing the person a tract of some kind and asking them "Hey, did you get one of these?" or "Do you have a christian background?" People love to talk about themselves so they usually answer this question quite readily. I admit that I'm not shy about using my daughter to start a conversation. She's adorable (I know, proud momma!) and when someone stops to comment on her I'll say "thank you, she's a real gift from God..say, will she see you in heaven?"

Now that you have the ice broken and you are engaged in casual conversation you can ask the person what they think happens when you die. I am amazed at some of the answers but the most frequent one is "I think people go to heaven." Ask them why? They will invariably say "because I'm a good person." When they say that, ask them "do you mind if I ask you a few questions to see if that is true?" You can explain to them that God is a righteous God and His standard of good is much higher than man's standard of good and is based on the 10 commandments.

We ask several questions:
1. Have you ever lied? When they say yes, you ask "what does that make you". A liar..
2. Have you ever stolen anything? what does that make you? a thief..
3. Have you ever taken the Lord's name in vain? That is, used the Lord's name as a four letter cuss word?
4. One of the commandments says "thou shalt not commit adultery" but Jesus said 'I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart'. Have you ever looked with lust? (who is gonna say no?!)

Then you say something like "so by your own admission you're a lying, theiving, blasphmeous adulteror at heart and you have to face a Holy and righteous God on judgement day. If He were to judge you based on these commandments, do you think you'd be innocent or guilty?"
Now you've probably got a person who is wondering who on earth gets into heaven if we are all guilty of breaking these commandments..that is when you share the Good News about Jesus Christ and tell them how He came to earth, born of a virgin and became the perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins. Acceptance of that sacrifice and faith in Christ wipes our sins away and we are forgiven and granted access to the most high God..

Questions? I know this is kind of a rough draft but my head is going a mile a minute and I wanted to get it out for you tonight.

It takes boldness. It takes fearlessness. It does not require perfection, perfect knowledge of the Word or eloquence - remember that Moses stuttered and argued with God that he was not smart or a good speaker and look what God did with him! Ask God to remove your fear and give you strength..and He will!!!

In Him,