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What do you do? (baby mentioned)

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    What do you do? (baby mentioned)

    My SIL and I went out to eat Saturday. Well we got there at the same time Thraci my 5 month old eats her dinner. I have allways sang I CAN ONLY IMAGINE to her while she eats she just eats better that way. Well anyways in the middle of her dinner the lady at the table next to us asked me "To quit singing that song because it offended her. She said I could keep singing to The baby but to sing something non christain" I told her I am sorry but the baby likes this song and she is allmost finished eating and I will just try and sing softer. Anyways why is it offensive for us christians to do things like this but we shouldn't take any offense to them saying we offend them. I was not going to quit singing because my 8 yr old nephew and 10 yr old niece were there. I felt I needed to show them that we should stand up for what we believe. Was I right in doing what I did or should I have handled it differently? Oh and we were at Chuckie cheese so you know you are not going to have a quiet meal anyways.

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    Okay...I am SO SORRY that someone said that to you. She was most likely one of the loud mouths in the minority. You did the right thing by continuing to sing, as an example and also as a Christian. Even though you sing the song to your daughter to help her eat, it is also a beautiful song of praise and I know Jesus smiles everytime you sing it.

    As Christians we can no longer be silent. Being a Christian is being "Christ like", and Christ never let persecution stop him.

    I am glad you showed her that your conviction was stronger than her offense.

    I would have been offended that she even asked me, and I probably would have told her. We were never commanded to be nice to everyone. Perhaps a nice "Jesus loves you", or "I'll pray for you" would have sufficed in sending her on her way (with a seed of Jesus planted).

    We as Christians CAN NOT allow the enemy to attack us without a fight. Our Jesus will save us, but the devil is going to attack. Stand firm and be strong.

    You did the right thing!


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    I agree with Heather. You did the right thing. That lady was just feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit as you sang. Just look at it this way. She heard you singing about Heaven and now she will think about it. You planted a seed. Just pray for it to grow. I agree in prayer with you that this woman will think about what she heard and she will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Remember, where two or three agree on any one thing.....


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