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wanting to nurse every 2 hrs....ugh

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    wanting to nurse every 2 hrs....ugh

    Please tell me this ends soon! My twins (4 wks old, born at 37 wks) are in a stage where they want to nurse/eat every 2 hours right now.... when does this end?!?!?!?!? It takes 1 hours to nurse/change them both, so I only get an hour break in-between feedings..... this passes soon, right?
    At night, they can go 3+ hours after DH "stuffs" them with EBM from bottles.... but all day it is every 2 hours... are they just not getting enough from me?

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    Sounds about right for now. Their little tummys don't hold much! The time it takes to feed them will lesson as they become more efficient eaters. My 6 month old just started eating about 3 hours in the last week but it only takes 10-20 minutes to feed her. I know it is hard in the beginning because it takes so long to feed them. It will get better! As far as juggling twins, some of the other ladies can offer you some advice.

    Good luck

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    Yep every two hours is very normal especially at that age. And also it can be more frequent during a growth spurt. They are getting plenty of milk, bm is just easier to digest and that is why babies who are bf eat more often than babies who are ff. Also what Liz said is true, they will most likely become more efficient at nursing and it will take less time to feed them. This is the tough part here at the begining. Many (((HUGS))) and hang in there mommy you are doing a great job!
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    Sounds like it might be a growth spurt!
    It's HARD with twins, but I kept reminding myself that I'd rather nurse all day than prepare and wash 20 bottles!
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    yep, it ends soon
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