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    My girls won't always burp after the breast or an EBM bottle. Then later they wake screaming from what I assume is gas, does this happen to anyone else?

    Kim (Archie 2 )

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    Breast fed babies do not burp after every feeding, none of mine ever did. Actually it was very rare they did burp. They do not take in as much air when nursing as they do with a bottle. Have you tried the different burp positions: over the shoulder, sitting up with your hand under their chin for support, and laying them on their tummy on your lap. You can also wait awhile say 15 or 20 mins and try to burp them again

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    Sometimes those burps are really deep and it may take a while to get it out...keep trying one time and see how long it takes...I bet a burp will come out. We always gave gas drops with every feeding to help get the bubbles broken up... of course, the crying and screaming will cause air to be swallowed too resulting in gas pain... if it keeps up though after a burp and the drops, you might want to look into GERD (reflux)... there's a board here just for that...
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    Many BF babies dont have to burp. Your little ones are REALLY REALLY little yet and I have noticed that most babie have trouble during this time. It is just an immature digesive system learning how to process food.

    If you feel like you have to do something burp after the feed not in the middle of it and only try for a few minutes. Gas drops are nice but you need to give it to the babies imediatly BEFORE breastfeeding not after. Many people noticing the babies discomfort assume that something is wronge with their milk or switch to formula. Sometimes it seems to work but more than likely the switch just came at the time when the digestive track was working itself out.

    I know it is hard to see them uncomfortable but more than likely they are just fine.
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