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?? re: Low supply when pumping

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    ?? re: Low supply when pumping

    About two weeks ago the amount I get when I pump dropped drastically, from about 5-6 oz. to only 2-3 oz. The first day I thought it was just my timing -- I had a meeting to go to and wouldn't be able to pump at my regular time, so pumped about an hour early. But since then, I haven't been able to get more than about 2-3 oz., even with pumping both sides (normally got 5-6 oz. from pumping just one side)!

    Currently, I nurse 3x per day, and send two bottles to the sitter, each between 4-5 oz. For the last 3 months, I have only been pumping 1x each day and sending the sitter one bottle of fresh ebm and using up my freezer stash for the 2nd bottle. My freezer stash is just about gone (enough to get through next week) and my plan was to continue pumping one bottle for the next month (til her 1st b-day) and use either cow's milk or formula for the 2nd. Obviously, if I'm not pumping enough for a full bottle each day, I'll have to do both bottles either cow's milk or formula. I suppose I could continue to pump and just supplement the 2-3 oz. of ebm with cow's milk or formula, but I think the frustration would drive me crazy! Before I give up on it all together, I thought I would check with you smart ladies for some ideas on what could be going on.

    I don't think my overall supply is diminishing -- Julia seems satisfied whenever she nurses, and I paid particular attention over the four day weekend and she seemed fine even with the feeding that I normally pump for. (FWIW- even though I only pump once at work, I nurse her for both feedings on the weekends without any problems). Is it possible that she is just needing less now, and is full after about 3 oz? That seems contradictory to me, but you never know ... I've also considered the possibility that my mind is pysching out my body and subconsciously I have decided I'm done pumping????

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Your pump may need some new parts. I'm not so up on the part names, but the little flap valves in the horns may be failing. Hopefully some one else can help with this too.
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