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yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeOUCH!! (xpost with P1yr)

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    yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeOUCH!! (xpost with P1yr)

    By golly ... we have a tooth!

    and yes ... my poor boobie found it I think the neighbours heard my screetch!

    he has had a runny nose for four weeks now that really hasn't turned into any major cold just a constant faucet of SNOT! oh yeah gotta love those snot bubbles ... he plew one so big this morning that he was crossed eyed looking at it .. but it had popped by the time we got the camera!

    My next question is ... how do you teach them not to bite when nursing now?


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    Oh I feel your pain!!!!
    There are two factors at play with the biting. The one is that they're sort of just experimenting. They sometimes think it's funny when they get a nice reaction from you. Immediately remove him from the breast, tell him no biting, and don't let him nurse for a little bit.
    The other thing is that they usually will not bite when they're really hungry. They can't properly latch and bite at the same time. So carefully watch his cues, do not attempt to nurse him unless you're sure he's hungry, and if he's coming to the end of a feeding, get him off the breast before he gets bored! I know it sounds crazy but the only times I got bit by Joe were when I tried to feed him and he wasn't hungry, or if he was done eating and wanted to "play".
    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KTJ
    the only times I got bit by Joe were when I tried to feed him and he wasn't hungry, or if he was done eating and wanted to "play".
    Good luck!
    Yep, that's my experience, too. Julia (with her one little half-tooth that has finally poked through!) will bite after she's finished eating and just playing around. Sometimes, I swear she does it on purpose just to get a reaction out of me -- seriously, she'll smile and laugh, then CHOMP I do the same as Katie, just take her off and say "we're done, we don't bite momma."

    JR bit me one time, and I screamed so loud and almost dropped him, and it never happened again. Maybe you'll get that lucky

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    Same here. When J bites, he's either experimenting or playing. If he's clamped down (OUCH!), I pull him into my breast so he's forced to let go to breathe. Then I usually give him one more chance. If he latches, fine. If he plays or tries to bite again, the session's over.
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