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Breastfeeding twins, help!!

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    Breastfeeding twins, help!!

    My girls are now 2 weeks old and eating like crazy. I can't keep up. I have been pumping to try and make it possible to feed them together with my husband and a bottle and I still can't keep up. I tried to keep them to the breast exclusively, but 1 hr. or sleep a night was the most I could get. Now my husband takes over after dinner and lets me sleep a few hrs and I handle the night.

    I'm so tired and overwhelmed. I may have to supplement with formula and I feel so guilty. Its so hard to get them both satisfied for any length of time. I am hoping this is a growth spurt and not the way it will always be.

    It was so difficult to get them here and I feel guilty for complaining about how hard it is.

    Any words would be helpful. I feel so alone.

    Archie 2 (Kim)

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    I think you might be experiencing a growth spurt. Don't feel guilty about complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Twins are not easy! I wasn't even a first-time Mom and I found it hard.
    Are you drinking lots of water? Making sure that you eat? I know it's hard to take care of yourself when you have tiny babies, but if you don't get the proper nutrition and fluids it can affect your milk supply.
    During the day, are you nursing lots? I found that it was easiest to prop them next to me on the sofa or in bed and just watch TV while I nursed! Don't worry about getting anything else done, nothing else really matters right now. The more they eat during the day, the longer they'll sleep at night.
    When mine were that little I think I was getting 4 hours of sleep at night, and then I'd nap for two hours during the day while they were sleeping. Please nap when they nap!!!!
    Personally I think that trying to pump and nurse two babies is a royal pain in the butt. I would drop the pumping and the bottles and just nurse.
    It DOES get easier, I promise! Whatever you do, don't feel guilty. You ARE human!
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    Katie said it well. Your only job is to nurse and eat. Dump the pumping for now and keep them on the breast. This will help your supply and their nursing efficiency. Have your dh make you some high calorie sandwiches that you can eat while nursing. My 2 often more crumbs. Drink a glass of water during every session. If you're not doing it now, work on tandem nursing and nursing while lying down.
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    Congrats on your twins! Breastfeeding twins is hard work but well worth it! Once I got the hang of tandem nursing my two, I found that it was so much easier than trying to give them both a bottle. I used a nursing pillow that was designed for tandem nursing (EZ to Nurse, I think) and then basically sat on the couch and nursed. It took a few weeks until I felt really comfortable doing it, and then I could get them latched on and I was hands-free to do other things. I even wrote my thank you notes while nursing them! There were days that I felt like I never got off of the couch. There were times that they would fall asleep nursing so I'd just leave them on the pillow and I would lean my head back and take a nap myself until they woke up and wanted to eat again!

    Hang in there - it will get easier and they will become more efficient at nursing. By the time mine were about 8 weeks old, the entire nursing session only lasted about 15 minutes.
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    Kim, unfortunately I have no words of advice to offer you, but I wanted you to know you're not alone. I also have 2-week-old twins and am having a heck of a time nursing them. In their first week when things were completely crazy, we did supplement a couple of times so we could get a few minutes of sleep. I wasn't happy about it, but you do what you have to.

    Now I'm just having a really hard time getting them latched on (OUUUUUCH), and then once they're on, they fall asleep after 5 minutes. If I can't wake them up, I end up with two hungry babies again in an hour. Yikes!

    Please don't feel guilty about complaining. This is SOOOO hard! But from what I'm reading, it gets easier. Hang in there.
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    CONGRATS! The first few weeks are extremely hard but here after 3 months it went pretty smooth. I did have to supplement a little but weaned them completely to mommy. I could not pump so no advice there. I think you have gotten great advice all ready though! Hang in there!!!

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    Eight weeks was the majic number for me. I did what I could to survive. I used the ez to nurse twin pillow and I forced myself to nurse both at once. I got dressed at night and wore the same cloths for the following day... I normally single nursed when I would eat but got so good at both at once I could even surf the net and nurse. Hang in there. It is really really hard but is completely possible to do.
    When you cannot stand, He will bear you in his arms. Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow.
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