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Breastfeeding twins and supply issue now that one twin is sleeping thru night

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    Breastfeeding twins and supply issue now that one twin is sleeping thru night

    Help Ladies!

    My twins are now almost 5 months old and breastfeeding has been going well but now I think I'm having a supply issue. I assigned Kai the left boob and Violet got the right boob as I found it was too confusing switching them back and forth. For about the past week and a 1/2, Violet has started sleeping 8 - 10 hours at night. Kai continues to get up at least once and usually 2-3 times. At first I thought Violet's boob was going to burst since it was so full but now it doesn't get as full. However, now it also doesn't seem to be as full during the day either. Violet would almost struggle to handle my letdowns before but now, I barely get them on her side.

    I feel like it also takes longer for me to have a letdown on both sides or maybe it's just that my babies are older. They're now in the habit of beating their hands against my breast, tugging on my nipple while pushing my breast away from them (I think they think my nipple is elastic), delatching and relatching repeatedly, and just thrashing their heads in all directions (while my nipple is in their mouths), while they wait for the letdown. Is this normal? Does anyone share this experience?

    So, I've started giving Violet Kai's boob a couple of times a day (I've only been doing this for 2 days). I was hoping that Kai could jumpstart Violet's boob again. This hasn't been going so well. Violet's boob isn't enough to satisfy Kai and sometimes I'll have to give him some from his boob and then there's nothing for Violet. I tried supplementing them with ebm that I've frozen but they both refuse to take a bottle. They used to both take a bottle as I had to bottle feed them a couple of times when I had mastitis and when I was first breastfeeding. It's been about a month and 1/2 since they've both had a bottle.

    What can I do to rebuild my supply? Or is it that they're just bigger and I'm not making enough milk? Should I begin pumping at night on the right side? Should I maybe begin supplementing with food?

    Sorry this is so long but I can't wait to hear your replies.


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    Congrats on your breastfeeding relationship with your twins!
    I had some supply issues at around 6 months. I was working FT and had trouble pumping enough during the day. I was only a few ounces short but it was a hassle. I even tried to give a bottle in the evening when my supply was lowest, but mine wouldn't take it either. Joe is also a fan of the "treat Mom's nipple like it's elastic" game. It's certainly not a joy - my singleton never did that!! Can you try alternating Kai on both breasts when he's up at night? (My dd also slept through the night quicker than the other baby.) I've found that one of my breasts just will not produce as much as the other. I usually tandem nurse, and then when the one on the "good" boob is done, I switch the other over to the good boob.
    Are you drinking plenty of water? I've found that if I cut back just a bit on my water consumption that I pump WAY less during the day.
    The AAP doesn't recommend starting solids until 6 months, but obviously every baby's different. My twins are 11 months now, and the one eats tons of solids and the other doesn't. When I introduced solids to Charlotte she started eating them like I'd been starving her for 6 months!! They definitely drink less b/m now that they're on solids.

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