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how do you wean?

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    how do you wean?

    Hi ladies.

    This may be a stupid question, but how do you wean a baby?

    If my situation were different, I would continue nursing Joey for as long as he wanted. However, it took a long to bring a living child into this world. My pg with him was complicated (cerclage at 22 weeks and 14 weeks in a hospital bed) and our triplets died of prematurity, so we will be hyper cautious on how many embryos we transfer, therefore decreasing our chances of getting pg. Also, I am 36.

    I am so stressed about weaning him. I don't want to, but even the RE said it would be in our best interest to start trying sooner rather than later. I'm so torn~what if he's the only child I ever get to b/f? But, then I think, what if I can give him a living sibling to share life with? sigh...

    Anyway~we are trying to introduce a sippy-cup (since he refuses a bottle) but how does it work with feedings? He eats 2 meals/day of solids (oatmeal in the a.m. and a veggie in the p.m.) and sometimes he nurses afterwards, sometimes not. Our *goal* is to have him weaned by January. Is this possible?

    Am I a clueless boob (no pun intended )? I have NO idea how to wean.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I just started by taking away my sons least favorite times to nurse. I did wean over a period of time.....But my sons favorite times were last thing at night and first thing in the am....so those were the hardest to stop. I just substituted food for each of the b/f....My sons also wouldnt take a bottle, so the sippy cups worked for them....they liked the advent ones at first....then the playtex.

    I saw your name and wanted to let you know I also have a life outside of the loss board. I understand your sadness at not wanted to stop b/f....I felt it too with my last one.....but I too had to start thinking about having another...I am 37...
    Wishing you easy transitions into the cup!!
    Take care,
    ps...I should mention...I wasnt as successful with #2 as I was with #1 in weaning...LOL
    #1 was weaned at 18mo
    #2 at 20mo...and he wanted to continue....I just couldnt take the constant asking(he is very verbal!!)

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    When I was ready to ttc after my twins I actually got on the LLL website for information. The suggestion there that really helped me was, "Don't offer, don't refuse." IOW, if the baby isn't "asking" to be fed, don't nurse him. But if he wants to, go ahead. Now my girls were older than Joey (just under a year), but I was shocked at how fast they tapered off and then forgot all about nursing.

    Sophia (my singleton) did not ever take a bottle either. It took her awhile to get the hang of the sippy cup as well, but I think that might be easier than going to a bottle for a baby who doesn't want one. I started out with a little water in it at meals and let her play with it until she figured it out. I think it was also much easier to break the "bottle habit" because it was a sippy cup, not an actual bottle. She's 17 months old now and usually uses just a regular cup. We never went through the weaning off a bottle/sippy cup thing.

    Since Joey will be only 8 months or so by the time you wean him, be sure to use formula in his cup vs. milk. Good luck! I know it's hard to balance the desire to nurse forever with the desire to ttc while you still can.
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