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Questions--how much milk does 8 mo old need?

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    Questions--how much milk does 8 mo old need?


    I have been taking domperidone since birth and recently dropped from 30 mg/day to 10 mg/day in an effort to get off of it. My mom had breast cancer so I had some reservations about using it but had to if I wanted to b/f.

    Well my supply is down but I am hanging in there since we are using solids. I just don't know what kind of balance I should be trying for. My breasts are never full now and I can probably only get 3-4 oz a feed. So how many oz per day should he get? I have lots in the freezer or can supplement too. I am kind of sad as I think this is the beginning of weaning. I use to get 7-8 oz per feed. Or I could get more domperidone I guess but from someone else as DR was hesitant to keep giving me more.

    Looking for advice, especially on balance between solids and milk.



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    It's so hard to guess when your bfing. My now 8yr. old ds weaned himself at 8 months and his pedi told me to give him 4 oz. He was on solids and the 4 oz. worked for him. If your baby is not taking solids or just a little, I'm sure he would need more.
    I think you are making enough at 4 oz. if he's getting solids. My pedi told me to increase his solids if he was still hungry, not the fluid.

    Good luck!

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    Don't think it's the end! I don't know what my babies get when they nurse but their bottles for daycare are only 4 or 5 ounces and they don't always finish them. Plus it's common for your breasts to feel less full after your baby is this age and your supply has settled.

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