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how do you produce milk to breast feed an adopted baby?

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    You know, it just comes FED EX and there was never a problem. In Europe and Mexico, you don't need a prescription, at least back when I got it which was only a year and a half ago. I have the web site I think for Europe
    if you want me to send it to you. Hopefully, they still do that. I will check into it ok. JAS

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    Has anyone ordered the domperidone with in the last few months? One place I read that is is against u.s. law now to bring it in to the u.s. but I wonder if it is simply fed ex'd how they would know what is in the box. Can they really be that strict about it?

    Also, when you are on bcp's, do you go off of them once you get some milk to come in? Can you take the herbs with the bcp's and get some results or does the domperidone have to go along with them? I do so much better on bcp's.......my body acts normal on them (regular cycles, no breakouts and less ovary pain). I think I am one of the few that would say that! I figured I would go off of them if it worked and I was able to breast feed, but didn't know if I could stay on them as I try to get things going (and with just herbs). Any thoughts?

    tstodghill-let us know what your gyno says. I have found several places where you can order the meds with no Rx.....you should be able to find some of them if you google it or try globaldrug .com

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    It's been about 5yrs since I've ordered dom, so I'm no help as to the new guidelines. But I think globaldrug was one of the places I ordered from. anyone have new info?

    The way the meds work: bcp's essentially simulate a pgcy. The dom tells your breasts to make milk; bcp tells your body NOT to release the milk. The more time you stay on these 2 meds, the more time your body has to prepare the "ductwork". When you suddenly stop taking bcp, your hormone levels drop mimicking what happens during birth. The dom is still telling your body to make milk and w/o the bcp, it's free to flow.
    BCPs will definitely hinder milk production. The ones w/ only 1 hormone are supposed to be better for nursing moms, but can still interfere - especially when you're starting from scratch. You have to weigh your options.

    You never know how your body will react to lactation. IME, I stopped getting AF for 6 months straight while I was lactating. I also gained 8lbs that I couldn't shake! Then I got 1 AF, then I (surprisingly!) got pg.
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    DawnL had heavenly fortunes abreastfeeding her two young men. This is the way I met her. I'm an OB nurture and she'd ventured out the nation over to embrace Jeran at the doctor's facility where I work. In the event that I recall right, she was pumping in abundance of 30 ounces of milk a day so she had huge amounts of milk when he was at last conceived and she was breastfeeding. I realize that she began from the get-go, similar to 9 months prior Jeran was conceived so she had huge amounts of time. I attempted the abreastfeeding and was similar to HopesPromise, pumped for around 6 weeks prior dd was conceived and never got more than a couple of drops at once. It was pleasant however. We utilized a lact help for feedings.

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