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  1. Why Treating ED is Much Important in life

    ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is one of the highly affected sexual health problems which have become a headache for men. It is one of the sexual health illnesses that man has to face in his lifetime. When a man is experiencing ED the major issue only happens in front of him that avoids him from making sexual activity. This disease avoids man from having powerful erection and because of this he cannot experience satisfying sexual act.

    Many men do not try to go over the issue and treat

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  2. What is the generic version of Latisse?

    Natural prostaglandin, a chemical produced by body reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) in the eye and also increase the growth of eyelashes. Generic Latisse, a synthetic drug made by man is the substitute of natural prostaglandin. It reduces the IOP by facilitating the outflow of aqueous humor from the eye of individuals suffering from narrow angle glaucoma. Due to blockage by the iris the excessive humor or fluid accumulated in the eye may damage optic nerve and gradually result in visual loss.
  3. Depression due to ED Disorder

    Depression due to ED Disorder Powerlessness in men to accomplish and keep up penile erections amid sex is called Erectile Dysfunction or Men Impotency. This issue is connected with men's sexual wellbeing that is the reason it is called men sexual wellbeing sickness. There are a few elements are incorporated about this wellbeing issue. Age, passionate issues inside of men, past therapeutic history and so on are some regular variables that lead impotency issue in guys. This men sexual wellbeing issue
  4. How to Know Your Pregnancy before Missing Period? - Dr. Rifaat Salem

    The early signs of pregnancy carry massive happiness into the life of a lady and her family, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. A new member to join their family entrancing everybody with his/her sweet and charming grin and activities. lady burning of becoming a mother continues searching for even the smallest of the signs and manifestations that may demonstrate that another life is growing inside her. Following signs, shared by Doctor Rifaat Salem will help you to check your pregnancy before missing your
  5. Causes of Stress during Pregnancy - Doctor Rifaat Salem

    Pregnancy is an energizing time, however it additionally accompanies numerous physical, enthusiastic and way of life changes that make many, MANY open doors for mothers-to-be to stress, said Doctor Rifaat Salem MD. After all, you are growing a little baby that is going to totally change your life. Although every hopeful mother has diverse wellsprings of stress contingent upon her individual conditions, Doctor Rifaat Salem have gathered a rundown of common causes:

    Concerned about
  6. Fertility & Stress - Dr. Rifaat Salem

    Stress affects a lot your body in normal life and but even quite harmful in pregnancy, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. When people try for months and don't conceive then its worth to consult with a doctor if there is everything fine in your body. A gynecologist such as Doctor Rifaat Salem will perform a gynecologist exam to check if the cervix is fine and fallopian tube is not damaged.

    The doctor will even check the quality of your eggs if there are not weaken as at the age of 35 the quality
  7. Get Pregnant - Doctor Rifaat Salem

    Pregnancy is the most exciting time but for some couples, pregnancy is a serious matter as said Dr. Rifaat Salem. Infertility problems increasing due to modern lifestyle, alcohol consumption, smoking and poor diet. 7 out of 10 couples experience infertility problems and following tips of Rifaat Salem MD could help couples to conceive naturally:

    Best Time to Get Pregnant: You can get pregnant any time but few days before and after the period there are more chances to get pregnant
  8. Doctor Rifaat Salem Revealed Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Miscarriage

    A pregnant lady in the first trimester wouldn't even think about miscarriage, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. Miscarriage is a big loss, women can bear in her life and thinking about miscarriage in advance. can save you from this loss. Doctor Rifaat Salem has shared symptoms and causes of miscarriage along with advice and tips.

    Miscarriage Cause: The main cause found behind miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities that don't let the baby grow. Also, modern lifestyle, drug and alcohol consumption,
  9. Doctor Rifaat Salem Proves No One is Infertile

    Infertility problems are common nowadays, caused by modern lifestyle, junk food, lack of exercises, smoking, and alcohol consumption, said dr Rifaat Salem MD. Every 7 out of 10 couples went through pregnancy problems but for some, its got over less time but for some, itís being the permanent headache. Well, but itís not you are infertile as doctor Rifaat Salem says with proper diet and treatment, everyone can conceive and no one is infertile.

    In more than 21 years of experience as
  10. Pregnancy Traveling Tips - Dr. Rifaat Salem

    Pregnancy is the most excited and happiest time in life and there is always a confusion what can and can't do, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. Its all always confusing and but its highly required to know what should be avoided to do in pregnancy and when it comes to traveling, couples are more concerned if they can or not. Doctor Rifaat Salem says, traveling during pregnancy is safe and following tips can help you make your trips better.

    Air Travel: Air traveling is totally safe during
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